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On Wednesday 09 May, EOH will host its second annual EOH Connect conference. This years’ conference is titled Fast Data – Business at the Speed of Thought, and will be hosted at The Sandton Convention Centre for industry leaders involved and responsible for the ever-growing technology needs in their organisations.

Following feedback from elite members of the Information Technology sector who attended the conference last year, EOH has taken the topic to the next level this year to provide a platform for ICT role players to explore unconventional and disruptive thinking in the space.

 “Fast Data is a buzz word we hear in many interactions with our various clients and in simple terms; Fast Data is the ability for businesses to leverage multiple streams of real-time data to make in-the-moment decisions. EOH Connect this year, will unpack this categorically for our attendees,” explains Rob Godlonton, CEO of the EOH ICT business. “The disruptive nature of Fast Data is improving business processes and driving operational and cost efficiencies like never before hence the theme for this years’ conference.” adds Godlonton.

The 2017 event titled, Digital Transformation: Living in a two-speed world’ was a huge success and was attended by more than 1 900 ICT professionals and decision makers. Keynote speakers included René Carayol – International Business Leadership guru, while presentation tracks covered topics such as; Implementing Continuous DeliveryDisruptive Digital Built-in, and Leapfrogging to the New Data World.

EOH CONNECT event at Sandton Convention Centre

Seven Fast Data technology tracks

At this years’ conference, guests will have the chance to join any of the seven technology topic tracks related to Fast Data, these are:

  • Agile, Intelligent Infrastructure: Powering compute platforms of the future through the use of more flexible and more responsive infrastructure.
  • #DevAnything: Every company needs to be a software company capable of continuous delivery. How DevOps, micro services and containerisation can help South African businesses operate with pace and agility.
  • Big Analytics, real-time: Predicting the future and acting on it. How next generation data platforms will apply predictive analytics, in real-time.
  • Analytics-driven Customer Experience: How analytics can be embedded and used to drive value into the customer experience.
  • Blockchain: A practical session exploring how Blockchain can be exploited and how organisations can approach early innovation and investment.
  • Internet of Things: Digital transformation through IoT, specifically across the value chain of the manufacturing industry.
  • Robotics: To bot or not? The augmented digital workforce of the future, and what it means for your current workforce.

The tracks are designed to help business leaders answer questions such as: How should organisations organise their data to ensure they can capitalise on fast data?  What capabilities do we need to turn our data into insight and then into action?  How should businesses ramp up our data capabilities to focus on the right aspects of this revolution for our businesses?  And, where are the opportunities to disrupt your industry?

EOH CONNECT event at Sandton Convention Centre

Key note speakers of the 2018 EOH Connect conference

Speakers at this years’ conference include:

  • Rob Godlonton, CEO EOH ICT
  • Vinny Lingham, Co-founder & CEO of Civic.com, and ‘shark’ on Shark Tank South Africa
  • Simone Zanetti, VP Cloud EOH International
  • Hein Wagner, Global Adventurer

Event details

Theme:                                                                      Fast Data – Business at the Speed of Thought

Venue:                                                                       Sandton Convention Centre

Date:                                                                          Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Full Day Conference:                                               7:00AM – 17:30PM

Evening of Entertainment and Networking:         17:30PM – 21:00PM

For registration enquiries, please contact:           Yasmeen.Kaleb@eoh.com

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