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Hosting a successful Christmas feast for your extended family and friends can be stressful. Planning any meal, whether big or small, can be daunting for some – you need to create a menu, get to the shops, select your décor and organise the entertainment. Alcatel suggests some handy Android apps that help you to plan a cracker Christmas for your guests.

Cooking Scheduler

Ensuring that every dish on the menu is ready on time can be challenging when you’re juggling several dishes. Cooking Scheduler lets you plan each element of your meal. You will even get reminders of when to start preparing and cooking each item.

Get it here: Cooking Scheduler

Et voilà ! Christmas food

This recipe app helps you prepare a festive lunch or dinner for Christmas. Reduce your own admin by using the “Add to shopping list” button – the pre-selected menu items are added directly to a shopping list for you.

Get it here: Et voilà ! Christmas food

Hot Christmas Menu Recipes

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned roast on Christmas day. Choose from a selection of tried and tested recipes to plan a menu that the whole family will love.

Get it here: Hot Christmas Menu Recipes

Christmas Songs

Get festivities rolling with this app. Christmas Songs app has a wide selection of popular Christmas songs that will get any feet tapping.

Get it here: Christmas Songs

Christmas Cookie Recipes
Surprise your guests by making homemade cookies with this Christmas Cookie Recipes app which has a collection of some of the most delicious Christmas treats. Get the kids involved and have them make their own Christmas cookies to hang on the tree or give as gifts.

Get it here: Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Drinks
Mix up some seasonal cocktails, festive punches and multi-coloured shots with this app. It also includes some tasty, non-alcoholic drinks for the drivers, teetotallers and children.

Get it here: Christmas Drinks

Christmas Countdown & Trivia

Every exciting event needs a countdown. Use this Christmas Countdown & Trivia app to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until December 25, 2017. Then test your Christmas knowledge and learn more facts about Christmas by answering some fun trivia questions.

Get it here: Christmas Countdown & Trivia

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