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Since the launch of the Be Better campaign in January, the adidas Runners community has increased in members. Be Better is an emotive expression that describes why people love to run. adidas Runners created this campaign to promote a running lifestyle and encourage people to find what motivates them to run.

adidas athletes and friends of the brand draw energy from different elements that push them to Be Better. A few of the brand’s influencers have signed up for the first time to run the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon.

With only a week left before the race here’s what the influencers shared on their training program.

Qhama ‘Clixwell’ Xhali

“What made me decide to take on the challenge of a 21km run was the satisfaction I got from completing Park Runs and the 10KM Soweto Marathon twice. I’ve always felt that I could go a little bit further if I put my mind to it. The half marathon requires more preparation, effort and has given me sore muscles but it’s a challenge I would like to complete.”

Qhama is confident that his preparations are on track for the race, “since January, I run between 5KM – 12KM at least four times a week and I’m looking to increase the distances in the coming week leading up to the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon.

Outside of running I’ve also been playing touch rugby and 5-a-side soccer as extra cardio during the week. I’ve found it to be a fun way to train and a nice break from road running when I need it.”

Ntumi Kondile

Ntumi explains how running has helped improve his physical and mental health, “I started running in 2012 and I couldn’t even finish a mere 2km. As the years went by I learnt different techniques for improving my runs and how I can be better with each run. I used to be so inconsistent with my runs and I’d always blame it on my hectic travel and working hours, however in June 2016 I made a commitment that I want to take running to the next level and participate in more races around the country.”

Ntumi has had to make a lot changes to his lifestyle since starting his running journey, “my sleeping patterns have changed, the intensity of my training and runs have changed, my diet is carefully monitored. I’ve become a lot more conscious about my well-being leading up to the race. Running is the best decision I’ve made in my life. I love being immersed in every stride and breath I take. I love how running has changed my outlook towards life. I don’t run to beat times or even compete with other runners, but I run to be the best version of myself. When I run I feel that everything just falls into place and I make better decisions.”

Gcina ‘DotCom’ Nkuna

“Preparations for my first Old Mutual Two Oceans half marathon are going well so far”. Most will identify with DotCom as an urban hip hop artist and dancer but only a few of his fans know about his passion for fitness and sport. DotCom comes from a sporting background, keeping fit has never really been an issue for him. “I work out at the gym regularly and participate in sports socially through touch rugby and indoor soccer,” says DotCom.

While he prides himself on being a gym enthusiast, training for a half marathon was something he had always wanted to challenge himself on. “My journey towards preparing for the half marathon has been humbling because long-distance running tests both the body and mind. I’ve put myself on a terrain where I am not the fastest nor fittest person which has created a great environment for me to learn from more experienced athletes,” says DotCom.

Since the Be Better campaign launch, DotCom found value in running in groups and has since joined adidas Runners for their night runs. He explains, “attending the adidas Runners sessions once or twice a week has helped me push my body more than I ever thought I could, thanks to the support and comradery of the boosters”.

Lesedi Mashale

Lesedi recently found herself being reintroduced to running as a discipline to her life and the experience has since channelled her mind into a positive state. “When I was much younger, I used to enjoy running but I got disconnected with the track along the way,” she explains. “I decided to run the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon as part of a personal challenge which is to participate in four 21km races this year. My goal is to beat my personal best time from my last 21km which was the Soweto Marathon. I want to see how close I can get to 2 hours,” says Lesedi.

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