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Abarth wins the Guinness World Record for the largest digital gathering ever, thanks to all its fans taking part by uploading 868 photos of their own cars to the specially created Facebook page, within one hour

The extended family of the Abarthisti fandom continues to give its usual warm welcome, even this year when the Abarth Day event has been held in a virtual guise. Indeed, its Community has enabled Abarth to achieve a Guinness World Record. Abarth’s people gathered on the Web for a spectacular online event, one that has become the largest digital gathering in the world: this was the record set by the Abarth Digital Day. To achieve this prestigious certification, it took the contribution of all the fans who posted a photo of their cars, within one hour, to the specially created Facebook page. A total of 868 photos were uploaded, each expressing the distinctive style of the most personal interpretations of the concepts of upgrade, performance and customization.

Taking part in the Abarth Digital Day was Ylenia Baccario, from the “Tutto esaurito” (‘sold out’) radio program on Radio 105, as presenter of the live stream, along with the DJ Fabio Liuzzi, also from Radio 105, and the digital creator Ema Motorsport, who joined the event online and gave a performance live from the Officine Abarth, revealing rarities from the Abarth collection to the audience.

There was no lack of performance and fun, in typical Abarth style: to bring the brand closer to its people. In the meantime, the Abarth Community continues to expand around the world: there are now 87 official clubs, boasting over 5,000 members – and many others belong to “The Scorpionship” community – active for four years in the EMEA region, now with over 139,000 subscribers. Sign up is still open for free via the website, scorpionship.abarth.com.