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In addition to everything else you can do with your Android smartphone, you can also use it to make quick and convenient purchases using a digital wallet. There’s no need to carry plastic or cash around with you—simply store your debit or credit card details on your phone and pay via an app, usually by scanning an image called a QR code through your device’s camera and verifying the transaction with a PIN.

Though many people worry about the security of mobile payments, they can actually be safer since you don’t need to carry a card with you or hand it to a waiter or cashier to process payment. Plus, the best apps feature robust security to keep your details safe. For example, they won’t share card or account information while making purchases.

Here are some tips from Alcatel about how you can use your mobile phone for safe digital payments:

  1. Get a trusted digital wallet app from an official app store

Be sure to get a trustworthy mobile payments app from an official app store, such as the Google Play Store. Good options in South Africa include SnapScan, Zapper, or a Masterpass wallet from one of the country’s large banks. Be wary of mobile apps downloaded from the internet rather than an official store, since some of them are created to steal your information.

  1. Password protect your phone

Protect your phone with a password or PIN code, so that no one can access your payment app when the screen is locked. Don’t use a code that a criminal could easily guess, such as “1234” or “0000”.

3.       Lock your phone remotely if you lose it

You can locate or lock your Android phone from Android Device Manager if it gets stolen or you lose it, provided you have linked it to a Google account and it is switched on. You can also remotely wipe your data from the phone, erasing your payment details from the device.

  1. Sign up for transaction notifications with your bank

Most big South African banks offer payment alerts via SMS, email or their mobile banking app so that you can track payments made from any of your cards. This will alert you to fraudulent transactions, so that you can notify your bank in good time if someone else is spending money on your card.

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