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 Xylem Africa, a leader in developing innovative water solutions through smart technology, has implemented a Pandemic Risk Reduction Plan to minimise any risk to its employees, partners and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. The plan will be applied at all Xylem facilities within affected countries, and will focus on four phases – prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Although there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among its staff in Africa, Xylem Africa is taking precautions to mitigate any impact and, of primary importance, to safeguard the health of Xylem’s employees, families, and their local communities.

According to Chetan Mistry, Strategy & Marketing Manager at Xylem Africa:

“The World Health Organisation has officially declared that COVID-19 is a public health emergency of international concern. We recognise our duty of care to our customers, employees, and partners, and are putting comprehensive measures in place to protect health and safety, and to provide a safe place to work.”

Xylem aims to safeguard both its workforce and partners, as well as its supply chain. To achieve these goals, Xylem and Xylem Africa are implementing a package of steps, including the following:

●       Activation of Xylem’s Pandemic Risk Mitigation Plan.

●       Restricted worldwide travel of all kinds, based on WHO and local health authority guidelines.

●       14-day self-quarantine and remote-work for anyone who has recently travelled in areas of concern.

●       Providing employees with guidance on effective infection control.

●       Supplying Xylem Africa offices with necessary preventative materials such as heat sensors, masks, personal protective equipment, sanitiser, and such, in line with best practice infection control protocols.

●       All Xylem buildings will be sprayed regularly with a disinfectant spray, in a “Deep clean” measure similar to specific international flights.

●       All ongoing Xylem events are currently being risk assessed and will be postponed where appropriate and possible. There will be direct communication to all stakeholder regarding each specific event. 

●       All Xylem employees and partners are encouraged to follow hygiene guidelines and further reduce the risk of infections.

●       Any potential worksite contamination events are addressed through immediate response protocols, including disinfection and as appropriate work-from-home and quarantine protocols.

●       Employees are encouraged to adopt general precautions, such as staying home if they feel sick.

●       The above steps will be reviewed and updated with reference to guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local health authorities. Although no Xylem employee has been infected by COVID-19, any such occurrence will be announced.

With Xylem’s Business Continuity Plans in place, there is no immediate impact on services and products to its customers. However, given the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic, Xylem will communicate any such changes. 

Xylem Africa is implementing steps to help ensure a stable flow of service delivery and availability:

●       Xylem is working closely with its supply base to minimise impacts, ensuring they have appropriate business continuity actions in place. This includes suppliers of both physical components and services, including critical infrastructure providers.

●       Xylem’s global manufacturing facilities have activated business continuity plans designed to minimise any impact.

●       Stock reserves have been increased to further ensure customer service.

●       A Work From Home policy is being prepared and will be implemented if this becomes necessary

“The new plans aren’t aimed at replacing any existing continuity plan, but rather to supplement it,” Mistry explained. “This bridges the gap between our traditional, all-hazards continuity planning and the specialised continuity planning needed in this instance. They address the additional considerations, challenges and elements specific to the nature of this pandemic. We can’t stress enough that all these measures are precautionary. We are taking them in a calm and considered way, mindful of the appropriate measures and timing for these. Xylem will continue to follow the guidelines and advice from the WHO and local health authorities. If the threat becomes more prevalent, we will escalate our efforts to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.”

Xylem encourages all its stakeholders to cooperate with the measure in place, for the safety of all concerned. Its global response is superseded in affected areas by the most stringent guidance from local and international health agencies. Xylem Africa’s priorities are to safeguard and support its employees, customers and partners, and to limit the impact of COVID-19 on its operations responsibly and proactively.

For more media enquiries, please contact: Chetan Mistry

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