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By Kemble Morgan, Country Manager for Africa, Young Living Essential Oils

Think back ± 20 years.  You’re sitting at your childhood kitchen table receiving career advice from your company loyal father who encourages you to study hard, achieve good marks at university, with the ultimate goal of twisting your arm into joining an established company where you will spend an average of 25 years in a nine to five job before retiring and enjoying a life of ease from age 65.  The only problem with that advice is that it’s not current anymore, neither is it fulfilling.  I think the fulfilment aspect speaks for itself and while I will touch on that later on in this article, let’s discuss the current aspect. 

While there is nothing negative about your father’s advice, there is a monumental issue with the advice he’s shared, given the present age we find ourselves in.  These certainly are exciting and challenging times no doubt.  Exciting because there is an army of a generation rising up, who believe that they can achieve anything through cleverly marketing themselves and their skills to answer to nobody but, themselves.  This is good as fast forward 10 years, our country could just find itself in economic success as millennials love them or hate them, carry the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Challenging because we need to be adaptable and open to changing our directional career paths given the present age.

Topically, the fourth industrial revolution is a buzzword in households at present.  It sadly carries with it a sense of fear for those who have become complacent in their desk jobs as complacency breeds redundancy in these times.  I am a firm believer in adaptability and remaining current – this, coupled with tenacity and sheer grit is how trailblazing entrepreneurs the world over have succeeded in achieving their dreams and creating employment.  Refusing a change in mindset in the year 2019 is as painful as bumping into that high school pupil you shared a class with who simply refuses to let 2009 go as it was their starring year.  Only now, they look as appealing as that desk job your father nearly convinced you to pursue.

2019 and beyond carries with it endless possibility in the area of success in choosing a suitable career path.  As a professional, you could freelance your services as your side hustle and make much more money out of that than you would at a nine-to-fiver.  If artistry comes naturally to you, you could make a huge success of that by implementing a clever marketing public relations and social media strategy, think Beyonce and The Kardashians or like I did, you could choose a career in network marketing.         

While the term is unfamiliar to some, network marketing is a non-traditional business route which proves interesting to an evolving business culture.  It appeals to out the box business thinkers who particularly don’t favour dictation or, routine.  Network marketing is especially different in the sense that the model is actually a sales strategy which some direct sales companies use in order to increase the sales of products or services. This is done through incentivising a company’s sales force by offering them a commission on product or service sales generated through new and existing members who are part of the network marketing company. The sale of the product or service is the key focus with a secondary objective of increasing the size of the sales force to sell more products. Network marketing companies use direct sales in addition to retail channels for distribution of products.  I have 18 years of experience in network marketing.  I am a qualified pharmacist by profession and have never been happier for taking that plunge into entrepreneurship, which brings me to, the fulfilment aspect. 

Let’s go back to that kitchen table where you are sitting down with your father.  The second issue with his plan for your life is that no one on this earth plans on one day lying on their deathbed thinking back on a life spent in loyalty, serving a company who always ensured that you knew just how replaceable you really were.  When that fateful day does come, as morbid as this may sound, make sure that you exit this life knowing that you lived a life with fire still burning in your heart and, the courage to know unregrettably that you pursued your true dreams by making the best use of the talent you were given. 

The truth is, not everyone is cut out for a desk job.  This doesn’t make you a failure.  This makes you a trailblazing success.  The only thing is, you haven’t discovered that yet.