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Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has introduced Click4Support, a monthly per user subscription service that provides small South African businesses with robust antivirus software, ensures that their laptop and desktop PCs are kept updated, and gives them easy access to remote support if required.

With cybersecurity being a major concern, it is imperative for businesses to take preventative measures, including the very basics – ensur

ing that the operating systems (being Windows 8 and above, as Windows 7 reached its end of life in January 2020) and software applications are updated.

“This is a service designed to provide small businesses with under 20 users with antivirus software, and patch management for their Windows devices. In addition, this service gives them one-click access to our helpdesk for remote IT support, at a far more affordable rate than having to call out an engineer onsite,” says Jurgen Sorton, Head of Managed IT at Vox.

Sorton explains that while larger organisations have their own IT departments, or make use of managed service providers (MSPs) to ensure that their IT infrastructure is well managed and maintained, these options are often out of reach of small businesses that only have a handful of computer users.


Subscribers to the monthly service will have the Click4Support software, which includes antivirus functionality, on their desktops or laptops, with the application being loaded to the taskbar each time the device is booted. 

According to Sorton, the application ensures that the operating system and several popular software applications, such as the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe readers are kept up to date. Exceptions include proprietary business software such as on-premise ERP and CRM systems.

The Click4Support application further gives Vox the ability to remotely access and manage users’ machines in order to resolve any IT issues. Similarly, it contains the graphical interface whereby users can log a support call with an IT engineer if required.

“Small businesses are already having to spend on antivirus subscriptions for their employees’ machines. By using this service, they get a highly cost-effective solution that gives them access to antivirus software from a leading industry vendor, as well as the ability to automatically ensure their machines are always updated,” says Sorton.

This service is for remote support only, with onsite support being billed at normal callout rates. While Click4Support has a ‘best effort’ service level agreement (SLA), Vox endeavours to contact the customer within two hours.

Click4Support is available to businesses with under 20 users at R49 per user per month, while helpdesk calls are charged at R199 per support request, and can be subscribed to at the Vox website.