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The Google Assistant is one of the most powerful tools on your Android smartphone – and it can be your health and fitness coach this summer as you strive to get into shape. How? By using the flexible ‘daily routines’ feature to remind you to follow healthy habits.

Routines enable you to complete several actions with a single command. For example, you can kick off a chain of actions such as getting the weather forecast, hearing the news headlines and an alert about your first appointment of the day when you say: “OK Google, good morning.”

You can also set a Google Assistant routine to kick off when you dismiss an alarm. With a personalised routine, you can ask the Assistant to perform tasks such as playing music or news, providing a traffic update, setting an alarm and more.

Here are some ideas from Alcatel on how you can use Google Assistant routines to support a healthier lifestyle:

·         If you’re a night owl who could stay up for hours watching series or playing on your phone, you can set a routine that reminds you when it’s time to sleep and get your eight hours. The routine could include setting an alarm, switching the phone to silent mode, adjusting media volume and playing some gentle music.

·         Do you get so immersed in work that you forget to eat lunch or drink water? A lunchtime routine can alert you that it’s time to pull yourself away from your computer and take a break to look after yourself.

·         You can also set up routines that help you stay on track with gym attendance, to remember to shop for healthy food on the way home, to take prescribed medication and so much more. 

Setting up or creating a custom routine on your Android smartphone is simple:

Choosing from existing Google routines

1.       Go to Google Assistant app

2.       Tap on the thumbnail at the upper-right corner and select Settings

a.       Select an existing Google routine

b.       Tick relevant boxes within the routine to choose actions

Creating a custom routine

1.       Tap add a routine, then choose a command and action  

·         Optional: To change an action, tap Settings

2.       Tap Done or Save

You can have a Routine automatically start when you dismiss your alarm in the Clock app.

* Please note that your experience with setting up a routine may differ, depending on the Android smartphone you use.