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YASA, the world’s leading manufacturer of axial-flux electric motors, has developed a custom version of its electric motor for Ferrari’s first hybrid production sports car, the SF90 Stradale.

The development was enabled by Universal Partners’ significant investment with other investors.

“YASA holds great potential through its innovative approach to electrification in the automotive and aerospace industries,” says Universal Partners CEO, Pierre Joubert. “Because we are an investment holding company with permanent capital, we are able to make substantial investments that enable companies like YASA to realise their potential.”

He added that Universal Partners’ diversified investment portfolio, provides investors with attractive returns over the medium- to long-term with access to international investments unavailable elsewhere in the market.

“Solid investment bases provide good returns,” says Joubert. “The confidence of global brands like Ferrari improves the potential return and are an endorsement of the investments Universal Partners makes.”

Electrification is a burgeoning opportunity for investors, where many auto makers are promising an electric model of some description in every nameplate from 2020. Electric vehicles (EV) are expected to account for 11% of vehicles sold globally within six years with EVs surpassing sales of internal combustion engine cars by 2040.

While Joubert maintains their partner-led investments require some level of patience, the joint vision – between Universal Partners and the businesses they invest in – remains to achieve strong capital appreciation for shareholders. “That’s only possible with exciting businesses with innovative visions that answer future-world demands,” says Joubert.

And they don’t come much more exciting than pioneering new Ferrari products. YASA’s solution for the SF90 Stradale allows world-leading power density to deliver unparalleled vehicle performance whilst reducing vehicle weight. That’s exciting Universal Partners, who are striving to deliver equally exciting returns for their clients.