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Uber is here to make sure that this holiday season, travelling affordably and conveniently is one less thing to worry about. With a variety of options available throughout the day as well as various safety features, getting from party to party, or from home to an airport or train station, Uber provides riders with more peace of mind this busy holiday season.

Plus, Uber works for every budget. If riders are looking for an affordable, everyday option, uberX is a firm favourite. For a more upscale ride, there is uberBLACK. And, if everyone is gathered and more room is needed, there is uberVAN and UberXL  an option for groups of up to seven. For a more specialised service for senior riders and riders with access needs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, riders can use uberASSISTuberASSIST.

Here are some great tips and tricks to make sure, that Uber does most of the work, so you as the rider don’t have to:

Split the fares

If riders plan on sharing an Uber ride with a friend to an egg hunt, holiday party, or the airport, it’s easy to split the fare right through the app. Once the trip has been requested, riders are able to tap the arrow icon next to the driver’s info, then select “Split Fare”, choose friends on the trip, and tap “Send”.

No holidays for Uber

With a dedicated phone support line staffed 24 hours a day, seven days of the week, no query will go unanswered this weekend. To call, riders simply need to tap ‘Help’ in the main menu of the Uber app and select the ‘Call’ option to be connected to Uber’s support team.  Not up to talking? Riders can also use Uber’s 24/7 in-app support feature which can be accessed within the Uber app by tapping the menu icon (three bars) in the top left-hand corner of the app. Riders can then proceed to navigate and tap on the “help” icon, scroll down and report the issue at hand.

Safety never stops

Riders should always take the time to review the safety features available within the app.  They need to check that the license plate, vehicle colour, driver photo, and driver name all match what’s listed in the app before jumping in. Riders are also encouraged to make use of Trusted Contacts, which enables the rider to select up to five key contacts, who will then be informed on the status of trip, driver and vehicle details, where their Uber currently is and the expected arrival time.

And if riders are ever in an emergency situation, they can simply tap the shield on the map to access the in-app emergency button to call for assistance from a third party supplier.

Eat and eat some more

While Uber will make sure that travel is taken care off, Uber Eats will take another worry off that list. Be it hosting a dinner party or taking a dish to one, or simply catching up on some much needed R&R, Uber Eats provides a variety of options from favourite local restaurants, bringing the food right to one’s doorstep at Uber speed. Spend more time picking out the perfect outfit, overstressing about the roast chicken in the oven, by letting Uber Eats cater to all food needs this weekend.

Whether its a trip to the airport or a surprise visit to the grandparents, through Uber’s technology, getting there safely is a priority. Riders are also able to schedule an Uber at a time convenient to them, so all that is left to do is enjoy the weekend with family and friends, creating memories to last a lifetime.