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The face of the food-delivery industry has seen major developments courtesy of technology and the desire for convenience. As the Uber Eats  app continues to successfully navigate its way through the industry, its latest expansion in South Africa’s largest township, Soweto, has continued with the core belief which is to provide economic opportunities to delivery drivers and quick, convenient and reliable local options at the tap of a button. 

Taking a look at the growth of the Uber Eats app in Soweto, this township has proven to be a significant milestone for the popular food-delivery app. Since May 2019, Soweto has been a very strong performing area for Johannesburg city in terms of consistent weekly growth. Hundreds of new eaters are downloading the app every week and with a wide range of restaurants to choose from, there’s always an option for any occasion. 

With exciting new expansion prospects on the horizon, Uber Eats is thrilled to add Meadowlands East and Orlando to the app.

Curating the best selection of restaurants everywhere that Uber Eats operates, from household names to the local family-run restaurants has proved to be a firm favourite amongst Users. This is the case with local favourite restaurant, Just Badela. 

Situated at the heart of Vilikazi street, Dumile Badela decided to open the modern restaurant, butchery and wine cellar back in 2016 to bring locals the food they wanted, when they wanted it. Since joining the app, Just Badela has seen tremendous growth with weekday sales having risen by almost 30%- 40%. 

Soweto has opened a world of possibilities in a township that is so strongly connected to authenticity. Uber Eats has been able to provide a platform for other local foods, tastes and entrepreneurs like Wandies, Just Badela or Moja Cafe to grow their business. Apart from the incredible growth prospects in Soweto, Uber Eats has given locals convenient, reliable and affordable food delivery.