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 Uber Eats works tirelessly to improve your experience when ordering through the app. With innovative features such as tracking every step of your order, through to stringent safety measures, we can ensure that the correct meal reaches the correct destination. However, have you thought about how all this is possible and how you can ensure you have a seamless experience? Below we detail everything we have in place to ensure you are covered for every order. 

Let’s get started!

You scanning through the app, and have used our updated allergy-friendly filters to find an order that fits your dietary needs.  You select your payment option and are now ready to place an order. While delivery with Uber Eats is door-to-door, there will be some cases your courier may have difficulties accessing your property.  Don’t stress, we provide you with the option to call or message your courier directly through the app after they have picked up your order to provide additional information on your location while maintaining the privacy of your number. 

Your order is arriving soon!

From ordering to delivery, Uber Eats lets you track your order through every step of the process so you can have the confidence that your order will be delivered to your location. As the courier arrives, remember to check that the vehicle registration and model, courier name and image, corresponds with the one displayed in the app. This verification process can assist with making sure that the courier is matched up with your order and you not left with your least favourite food. 

Know your courier

By now you know from requesting a ride, to ordering food, we are obsessed with safety.  That’s why we invest so much in our onboarding process when couriers and drivers partner with the app. Regardless of the mode of delivery, before a courier joins the app, they are required to have a SA Identification doc or proof of right to work in the country, valid driver’s license and a valid RSA vehicle license disc.  We also ensure they undergo a background check before they can use the app. 

Through one of our safety features, known as Real-Time ID Check, this feature prompts couriers to periodically take a selfie before accepting orders and compares it to the profile photo in the ap, ensuring the person using the app matches the account we have on file!

Did you know? Uber Eats regularly hosts sessions that focus on all things safety, to further showcase their commitment couriers and eaters well-being. This October, Uber Eats is holding sessions together with Chubb Insurance and Road Cover to raise awareness on road safety providing tips to ensure couriers abide by all local road rules and laws.

We value your feedback!

Feedback is important to us whether you have a compliment or complaint, the app allows you to rate your courier, the restaurant and each food item with a thumbs up or down. We also encourage further feedback, whether you had an unpleasant experience with the delivery, you had a payment issue, or your food wasn’t what you had expected, we want to hear about it so that we can improve our service and provide feedback to our restaurant-partners. This can be done by in-app, by tapping on the help icon located in your profile. 

Uber Eats recently turned three in South Africa and what an exciting journey and with over 1 900 000 people downloading the app according to App Annie, Uber Eats has cemented its place in the hearts of South Africans and continues to grow daily.