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Leading the way in App development, two young South African creative designers, Brandon Kynoch (18) and Dieter Kunze (21) are paving the way for a younger generation to get involved in the accessible world of coding and programming.

Brandon Kynoch has inspired many with his most recent gaming App called “Sector” released in October 2018, which achieved remarkable success for the self-taught teen programmer. After the success of his first game “Blast”, released in February 2018, he soon came up with “Torus”, a fast and engaging game best suited for casual everyday distraction released in April 2018. Brandon’s latest App has received various accolades, including the number one spot in Free Action Games.

Having recently won a scholarship to attend the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California, Brandon has his sights set on even greater success and plans to start a game development studio as soon as he finishes school.

Says Brandon about WWDC, “It was truly amazing to be part of such a prestigious event and very inspiring to speak with some very successful individuals. It opened my mind to the sheer scale of some of the apps on the App Store and the great possibilities that the industry holds”.


Dieter Kunze

Another self-taught rising star in the local App development scene is Dieter Kunze, who created the App called “Lazy Bones”. It tracks and monitors various aspects of one’s daily life, focussing on mental and physical well-being by building healthy habits into a routine. The “Lazy Bones” app was named App of the Day and listed as the Editor’s Choice on the App Store over the last year. Dieter’s achievements are particularly relevant during Youth Month and serve as inspiration for other budding entrepreneurs in South Africa.

“I think we’ve only scratched the surface of what technology can do for us. I spent a lot of time online watching YouTube videos and finding sites that teach things like video editing, graphic design and coding languages that make it easy for anyone to understand. All you need is passion and determination” says Dieter.

Brandon and Dieter have shown that no one is ever too young to follow their passion and make their dreams a reality. These two App developers are important role models for young South Africans seeking inspiration in today’s challenging socio-economic environment.

All of these uniquely South African made Apps are exclusively available on the Apple App Store.