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The West may be leading technological advancement when it comes to the ingenious invention of “blockchain,” a global crypto currency trading, but this won’t be for too long if South African born entrepreneur Tumelo Ramaphosa has anything to do about it. Tumelo, the founder of Unlocking Blockchain Africa Series, hopes to change the lives of entrepreneurs not just in his home but across the continent.

“With Unlocking Blockchain Africa we aim to be the main bridge between developed and developing nations in terms of facilitating international co-operation, increasing technological advancement as well as championing mass scale financial inclusion throughout Africa,” he said.

 The first successful conference, UBA Series 1 took place on 25 August 2018 in Sandton, Johannesburg with well over 550 enthusiastic business and crypto traders in attendance and 25 experts from around the world. The industry heavyweights included Charles Hoskinson, first CEO of Ethereum and the founder of Cardano and Ethereum Classic; Benjamin Ramaeu, Director from Binance; Ran Neu-Ner the Crypto Trader as well as Kwame Rugunda the Chairman of the Ugandan Blockchain Association. The second conference, UBA Series 2 took place on 7 and 8 December in Cape Town in partnership with the Blockchain World Summit.

“The platform was created last year to build a blockchain community of innovative founders and stakeholders in Africa and now I want to expand on that. While technology is always moving in the West, Africa is not left behind, we have a real time internet and artificial intelligence is the next big thing we need to tap into!” he added.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Blockchain in Retail Conference is the main focus of the Unlocking Blockchain Africa (UBA) Third Series event at Sandton’s Summer Place executive conference venue on Tuesday, 3 and Wednesday, 4 December 2019.The conference is not to be missed for those who would like to learn from in-depth presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions. Tumelo promises delegates would meet local and international industry experts, thought leaders and decision-makers and build bankable relationships through the conference’s carefully curated networking sessions.

With a Masters Degree in International Business from Hult International Business School, San Francisco where he is based, Tumelo continues to educate himself and is pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His goal is always to bring back his experience and expertise home to develop South African and the African continent. 

He hopes to inspire youth and Africa’s captains of industry, players in the booming digital economic world and the gateway for business folk who aspire to make gains in the undeniably ingenious world of blockchain technology. “When you look at the internet now, it is about learning, a person is learning how to do make up, how to cook, do a gym exercise or learning how to trade crypto currency. Learning is the foundation of AI. You’re learning different data sets and you need to train data. When you learn and know something, you can do greater things and that’s how computers work,” he added.

Tumelo is CEO of StudEx is the first investment platform for rare and endangered species trading and breeding which he patented in the USA and operates in San Francisco. The platform uses  blockchain  technology that places sustainable profits for its farmers and wildlife conservation at the centre and was selected  in the Top 20 Initial Coin Offering Start-ups at the World Crypto Currency Economic Forum. Tumelo is also a global partner of Mobiry, a patent pending behavioral AI marketing solution that uses the behavior of unique customers to autonomously deliver coupon and loyalty rewards personalized to their individual buying preferences.

During his studies at HULT, Tumelo acquired a Federal Aviation Association license for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from California USA.

Visit the Unlock Blockchain Africa event website for more info and tickets for the AI & Blockchain in Retail Conference: unlockingblockchainafrica.io