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Looking back on the year that was, we can agree that our devices and apps were a great source of comfort and convenience as we navigated through the various challenges of 2020. HUAWEI AppGallery saw significant downloads of its most popular apps and games throughout the year, ranging from entertainment and shopping to banking, games and more. Here are some of the most popular apps and games from 2020. And the best part is, they are all free to download and use/play.


One of the standout memories of 2020 were the TikToks, which kept us amused throughout the year. TikTok blew up on the scene and it’s safe to say this can be credited to the lockdown. While the majority of us were stuck at home, the creative ones amongst us really made the most of their time creating interesting and funny video content. From the ‘Don’t rush’ make-up challenge, to following the amazing dynamic between Malcom and his house help Thembi, to all the funny lip-synching video clips and well-choreographed dance videos, the platform provided much-needed entertainment. If you enjoy short-form videos, TikTok is a great platform to create your own content, and possibly become a viral TikToker.

Load Shedding Notifier

2020 didn’t exactly knock the lights out in the way we had hoped for. Eskom had us on our toes trying to keep on top of when and where power outages would be experienced in South Africa. It’s no wonder, then, that Load Shedding Notifier was among the best apps for the year, as it helped us plan our lives.

Mr D Food

We can all agree that sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. Mr D was undoubtedly South Africa’s go-to food delivery app this year, offering a selection of more than 5 000 local and national restaurants. It’s a great food delivery service option because you can use just this one app to access different kinds of food outlets to cater to all your foodie cravings.


Random incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers can really ruin your day. If it isn’t telemarketers taking up your time trying to entice you to buy a product or service you’re not even interested in, then it’s your existing bank/telcomms provider/life insurer trying to get you to buy more. Truecaller is your solution for these irritants, allowing you the opportunity to identify who is calling you so you can choose whether to answer or ignore. This caller ID and spam blocking app manages all your calls and messages with the benefit of filtering out telemarketers, robocalls and other unwanted disturbances, giving you peace of mind.   


Lockdown downtime gave many the opportunity to finally catch up on and indulge in their favourite TV shows and movies. Offering the best in local and international TV series, kid’s shows, blockbuster movies and sport, Showmax proved popular in 2020 as people streamed away while safely staying at home.

Aliexpress Shopping

Online shopping has been a great alternative to visiting stores, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Huawei users certainly enjoyed doing their shopping on the Aliexpress Shopping app, where you can shop fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports and shoes.

While online shopping on international sites is fun, additional shipping costs are no fun for the pocket, but with this app shoppers get to enjoy free shipping on over 75% of items.

One of the amazing features of the app is its image search, which matches an item in an image you upload with products, so you find what you’re looking for. So, if you’ve been inspired by a certain outfit and need to find the closest thing to it, this app can help you find a match.

Nedbank Money

On the finance side of things, the green bank’s app probably saw the most engagement and transactions from users during 2020, as it assisted their clients to do everyday banking and manage money more independently in lieu of going to the bank. The Nedbank Money app enables their clients to do simple tasks like buy airtime, make payments quickly, apply for a loan, spend your Greenbacks rewards, and more.


There is nothing like a good old school game to take you back to your childhood memories of playing at the arcade. The classic arcade game Ms PAC-MAN was among the top 20 most popular games downloaded on HUAWEI AppGallery during 2020. This is an enjoyable game with unique mazes and cool designs and sounds, reminding you of times gone by.


Another classic, old school game, Solitaire is one of those games you enjoy playing to fill the time waiting for a meeting or appointment or purely out of boredom. It was particularly apt for 2020 being in lockdown. This classic card game is always simple and effortless to play.

Kiss of War

A strategy video game is always an adventure. With Kiss of War, gamers have particularly enjoyed that it’s a game of valiant women who fight against invaders to achieve world peace in late modern Europe. Plus, this war strategy game is a real-time, multiplayer combat challenge so you can partner with friends for battle as the Commander in games.

HUAWEI AppGallery is where it’s at when it comes to the best apps and games. The top downloaded apps and games of 2020 give a good indication of people’s needs during the pandemic. These and many more can be found on HUAWEI AppGallery, as HUAWEI’s official app store is constantly being updated with new app and game offerings. Start exploring HUAWEI AppGallery to download these amazing apps and more.