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The Innovator Trust recently introduced a new accelerator programme exclusively available for beneficiaries of the Enterprise Development (ED) programmes for black-owned startups in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space. The invitation-only Innovator Trust Accelerator Programme goes beyond the skills of starting a business, to focus on the knowledge and tactics needed to go from a small to medium-sized business.

“Growth-hacking” has become a popular buzzword in startup circles, and refers to rapid experimentation regarding marketing, sales and product development to boost turnover, which in turn necessitates the need for additional employees and facilities. The ability to scale a business, while maintaining cash flow and company culture is a test of both the entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. It is also where many a small business fails, as it requires a different skill set entirely.

“Once the entrepreneurs who take part in our Enterprise Development programmes become more established, they turn their focus to growth. This accelerator is especially for entrepreneurs who’ve created startups with high-growth potential, and provides them with the skills to scale at speed and responsibly,” says Tashline Jooste, Chief Executive Officer of the Innovator Trust.

The Innovator Trust Accelerator Programme will provide beneficiaries with the support they need to become players in the ICT space, including technical and financial management support, as well as NOSA Vetting or Accreditation, and registration on the SCNET Portal.

“I believe strongly that ICT entrepreneurs are going to be critical to South Africa’s economic growth, which is why we need to focus on equipping these businesses with the skills they need to grow, create jobs and stimulate our economy,” says Jooste.

The goal of the Innovator Trust Accelerator Programme is for small businesses to emerge strong and self-sufficient, with the right positioning in their target market, ready to take their business to the next level. The programme started in October 2018.