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Phones have become our ultimate accessory. They are with us 24/7 and so we need them to reflect who we are. The brand of device you choose speaks volumes, as does its colour and design.

Huawei paid particular attention to design in its Huawei P30 Pro, looking to nature for inspiration and the sky’s transition from day to night. Previously, South Africans only had access to the Breathing Crystal, Aurora and Black variants of this device, but now the Huawei P30 Pro is also available in Amber Sunrise, reminding us of the beautiful orange and red hues that set the sky alight as the sun heralds in a new day. It’s a unique and eye-catching colour, and is sure to be a popular choice as we head into spring and summer.

Huawei went through several hundred coating tests to ensure this colour variant reflected the subtleties of a gorgeous sunrise. By using an inkjet micron-grade printing process that is capable of producing the thickest coatings to bring the colours to life, Huawei created the coating of the Amber Sunrise variant with 15 processes, including the application of nine nano optical films to create the gradient segment.

The Amber Sunrise hue is complemented by the curved design of the HuaweiP30 Pro. Its sloping edges are precisely machined with a diamond cutting process that gives them a smooth finish. The device also features a new generation of FullView display that supports a resolution of up to 2340×1080, so that everything on every corner of the screen is filled to the brim with detail. The two sides of the Huawei P30 Pro’s screen naturally bend downwards towards the edge of the frame, which dissolves into the viewing experience for a borderless screen.  

But of course the Huawei P30 Pro is about so much more than just striking and smart design. Its Leica Quad Camera System is a world first for advanced mobile imaging technology. Inside the slim body of the Huawei P30 Pro is a 40MP primary camera with a Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor – ideal for night photography and videography – a 20MP ultra-wide angle camera, a 32MP front camera, an 8MP telephoto camera fitted with a SuperZoom Lens – great for close-ups – and a Huawei ToF Camera.

From 7 August to 8 September, Vodacom is offering a special deal for all customers taking out a 24-month contract for the Huawei P30 Pro in the Amber Sunrise variant. For just R749 per month on a Vodacom Smart XS+ you get:

  • A Huawei Watch GT Elegant Limited
  • 50 Anytime Minutes PM
  • 50 Anytime SMSes PM
  • 350MB Data PM
  • 10GB Data Once Off (claim via the Huawei Promo Website – first come first served)
  • Free once-off screen replacement valued at R799

In addition, for this deal, if you pay just R150 more per month (R899 per month in total), you can also get a Huawei P30 lite on a Uchoose