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Under Armour proudly unveils its latest campaign, “To the greatest team the world has never seen,” a stirring tribute to the unsung heroes of sport – the teams and individuals whose grit and determination often go unnoticed. This campaign paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary journey of those who defy the odds, echoing the spirit of resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

From its inception, Under Armour has been driven by a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of athletes’ needs. The brand’s pioneering product, the HeatGear Baselayer, revolutionised athletic wear by providing a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that kept athletes cool and dry under pressure. This foundation of performance apparel set the stage for Under Armour’s mission to empower athletes to push beyond their limits and achieve greatness.

In the early days of Under Armour’s journey, before the trophies and triumphs, HeatGear® Baselayer stood as the cornerstone of this remarkable team—the ultimate symbol of strength and grit. It welcomed the bold souls who dared to step from the shadows and challenge the champions.

From these humble beginnings, Under Armour crafted gear for athletes committed to training regardless of the weather, laying the foundation for a legacy of greatness.

Today, the HeatGear collection continues this legacy, serving as the ultimate base layer for those who push their limits. Designed for peak performance in any condition, HeatGear® embodies the relentless spirit of those who echo the sentiment of “one more” after the gym is empty, pursuing their goals and protecting their house.

Power through the pressure: Under Armour HeatGear collection

Driven by the motto “Protect this house,” HeatGear has been wrapping the best and bravest athletes in fast-drying, sweat-wicking fabric since 1996. Back then, college athlete and Under Armour founder Kevin Plank was determined to find a solution to an old problem: heavy, wet base layers slowing athletes down. At just 23, Plank developed the first of Under Armour’s breathable, sweat-wicking line of base layers.

Today, HeatGear represents the evolution of an idea, embodying entrepreneurial thinking, innovative creation, and team performance. With features like improved airflow, advanced fabrics with four-way stretch, and muscle-hugging weaves, HeatGear® helps athletes work harder, pushing their limits to new heights.

“The first thing you need is a good base layer that protects you from the elements while giving you the freedom to play your game your way. HeatGear is perfectly designed to do just that, keeping me warm when it’s cold and cool when the game heats up,” says SuperSport United defender and Under Armour athlete, Keagan Johannes.

Harnessing Under Armour’s patented Storm technology, the Men’s UA Vanish Elite Hybrid shorts are among the best training tools the HeatGear collection offers. Featuring a mix of structured knit and stretch-woven fabric for enhanced comfort and durability where needed, the Vanish Elite Hybrid efficiently repels water without losing breathability, making them some of the fastest drying gear on the market.

“Greatness is fuelled by raw determination, the size of your heart, and the hours you put in. Putting on my HeatGear makes me feel like I’m getting ready to go into battle. Whether on the pitch or in training, I know that greatness is within my grasp,” says Blue Bulls flanker, Mpilo Gumede.

Product highlights:

  • Iso-Chill Fabric: Helps disperse body heat, making it feel cool to the touch.
  • Strategic Mesh Panels: Added ventilation where you need it most.
  • Sweat-Wicking Material: Keeps you dry and comfortable during intense workouts.
  • Ergonomic Design: Seam placement off high abrasion areas for increased durability.
  • Odor Control Technology: Minimizes unwanted odors, keeping you fresh.

The UA HeatGear collection includes:

  • Men’s UA Vanish Elite Hybrid Shorts: RSP: R1,299.00
  • Men’s HeatGear® Iso-Chill Printed Long Shorts: RSP: R1,199.00
  • Men’s HeatGear® Iso-Chill Printed Leggings: RSP: R1,199.00
  • Men’s HeatGear® Iso-Chill Printed Short Sleeve: RSP: R1,199.00

For more information on Under Armour’s HeatGear® collection and to join the journey of greatness, visit https://underarmour.co.za/

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