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The Flock Eventing Platform team wins big at the annual tt100 awards late last week; in the Excellence in Management of Innovation, and the Sustainability categories.  The tt100 Business Innovation Awards programme was launched in 1991 to create an awareness of the role of technology and innovation in SA, the programme has evolved into one of the foremost business awards programmes.

Mike Lysko, Flock Platform CEO and Founder said, “We are happy to have been honoured and look forward to continue improving our eventing platform and mobile app. It is great to be recognised for one of our system’s USPs; by making everything digital, the events planned become infinitely more sustainable.”

The awards, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, the Da Vinci Institute, the Technology Innovation Agency, Innocentrix and Blank Canvas International, honor the best role models for innovation and technology.

What the judges had to say:

On innovation: “They (Flock) will delight any customer with their design excellence. What stood out for me about this organisation is the fact that the innovation filters through the entire value chain of the organisation so in other words they’ve identified a gap in the market, an opportunity, and they weighed how to solve it, and quite often in an organisation where people innovate, their purpose is not clear but in the case of this organisation you could see the innovation solved a specific problem. If one therefore looks at their approach to innovation, once it was implemented and available in the marketplace, they put in a lot of emphasis to scale the solution and reach out to more markets, therefore the innovation that they have applied was amplified to the next level, and we can only expect more from this organisation with this type of systemic and holistic approach to innovation management and people management.”

On sustainability: “The product was created to network with like-minded attendees & to build interactive networks. The reason this product has been selected for sustainability is both its scalability and the unlimited clientele possibilities that it has value to the future.”