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Digital brand content provider and source of unified retail intelligence, retail analytics and product analytics, Silo, has appointed Synergy to redesign its Business Intelligence (BI) Qlikview model and create a more robust and dynamic method of automating the production of presentations.

Silo delivers on the growing need for a centralised, reliable source of all industry-related product images, data and analytics within the FMCG industry. With an integrated business offering; Silo supplies its long-term partners including retailers, brand owners and content consumers, with brand content and data for their omni-channel marketing needs.

Jessica De Bufanos, Senior Data Analyst, Silo, says that the company wanted to maintain its high standard of service and embarked on a drive to engage in more efficient business processes with a particular focus on the preparation of client presentations: “With manual processes being time consuming and prone to errors, the challenge was to create a faster and more cost-effective way of working that would allow Silo’s employees to provide valuable input into client data while spending less time on compiling and formatting content.”

James Carr, Synergy account manager says that following Synergy’s successful redesign and implementation of Qlikview, skilled employees at Silo are now better equipped to use their time and efforts more effectively in delivering quality presentations to clients: “Through the process of developing BI for Silo, the partnership with Synergy will continue with planned design and implementation of other Qlikview features such as forecasting and planogram models and Qlikview development training.”

He says that the project also highlighted the financial and business advantages of implementing automated BI solutions like Qlikview to achieve better business performance: “Silo is now able to produce data rich presentations within minutes, reducing project lead times by five weeks. There is a significant reduction of time needed for PowerPoint development, enhanced consistency and reduction of errors and greatly improved levels of service to Silo clients.