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 Supersonic, win yet again in their quest to ‘keep it simple’ by launching their new pricing model that standardises their bundles across all South Africa’s Fibre Network Operators (FNO) for all new customers from 22 August 2019.

The pricing model categorises the upload and download speeds both in synchronous and asynchronous environments and offers 9 standard rates across the networks. “Not only does this approach simplify the selection process for our customers, but supercharges the customer application support processes internally too, which means, faster, more efficient service and turnaround time – a win/win scenario in an age of instant gratification,” says Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic.

Collett has never been a fan of participating in a price war with other operators as he believes that to continue with this approach, the business will have to compromise on the quality of the network. “We just don’t believe that dropping our prices will be able to sustain the business nor the industry, so we need to be realistic about our margins that are able to support and grow the network plus consistently improve our service levels.” 

As MTN’s super simple Internet Service Provider that is currently listed as the top ISP provider in the country, Supersonic’s pricing model is competitive against existing ISP’s, offers incredible value plus arguably one of the best WhatsApp-based customer service channels in South Africa. 

*Offer also includes:

·        Hassle-free sign-up process

·        Standard Fibre Installation

·        ISP Activation

·        WiFi enabled router

·        Onsite install by our highly trained super techy’s

·        Setup of all devices connecting to our supersonic network

·        WiFi coverage assessment to make sure you can get our superfast network throughout your home

·        Uncapped and Unshaped Premium Internet

Additional Services:

·        Telephone line with free number porting

·        Smart Meshed WIFi solution with Ai based security and device management