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 Supersonic, one of the youngest Internet Service Providers in South Africa has just been announced as the Q3 2019 winners in MyBroadband’s speed test report. The report – released ranks the best and worst ISPs in South Africa based on user ratings through their online and mobile speed test apps.

“’It’s easy to get an ‘A’ once, it’s way harder to keep it there’ – I remember hearing this phrase in a 90’s movie but as we continue to improve and grow our network, the reality of this statement often hits home a bit harder,’ says Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic.

“To be the ‘new kid on the ISP block’ comes with a mountain of challenges and a significant amount of clutter to break through yet we’ve managed to keep our heads down and focus on maintaining quality network delivery for customers,” he says.

The speed test is conducted in a neutral testing environment in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres and was based on 31,867 user rating through MyBroadband’s online and mobile applications. True to Calvin’s sentiment about quality over quantity, the results of the speed test are testament to the consistent effort Supersonic places on the quality of the broadband network it provides its users plus its dedicated, super-fast customer and technical support WhatsApp channel. “Our vision is to ‘connect’ South Africa so at every touch point within our business the priority is the customer and their experience,” say Calvin. “We don’t want them to choose us once, we want them to stay which means we need to understand their frustrations and their needs,” concludes Calvin.