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Goodyear’s noise reduction technology, SoundComfort has been voted Product of the Year 2019 by consumers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The consumer survey conducted by international market and consumer research company Nielsen asked 5000 people for their views on product innovation. It is the largest survey of its kind in the world.

SoundComfort technology is an excellent example of Goodyear’s mission to advance tyre innovation designed to address consumer and market needs. Car engines are becoming quieter, especially since the arrival of electric and hybrid vehicles. Noise caused by tyres is therefore becoming more noticeable.

Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology applies an open-cell polyurethane foam element to the inner surface of the tyre, which reduces air vibrations. SoundComfort cuts noise by half – up to 4 decibels – and results in a noticeably quieter journey for drivers and passengers. What is more, there is no loss of performance as a result of this innovation. The foam is light enough not to have any impact on the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Nor does it make the tyres any slower.