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Sony has sound solutions for South Africa’s party people this summer with its new range of high power audio systems (MHC-V90DW, MHC-V81D and MHC-V41D) setting the scene for hot summer nights and lazy days.

The High Power Audio System MHC-V90DW from Sony offers exceptional quality, features, lighting and sound. Standing at an impressive 1.7m tall, the large tower design of this speaker has epic bass and clear treble, meaning music can be seen and heard in the best possible way, right to the back of the dancefloor.

Designed for bigger and better parties, the V90DW lights up the night with brilliant lighting feature options and excellent sound quality, all thanks to advanced technology and sound pressure.

 The V90DW features a Spread Sound Generator (an open back-type cabinet) that expands the reach of your favourite playlist, with this feature even further boosted by front-facing mid-range Angled Speakers and tweeters angled outward at 20 degrees.

From living room to club

The V90DW supports music services including Google’s Chromecast built-in and Spotify. The easy-to-use touch panel user interface is also back-lit, but the real stars of the show are the speaker lights and multi-colour woofer lights that change according to the beat and light up the night!

With the Sony Music Center and Fiestable mobile apps, the V90DW can wirelessly (via Wi-Fi) synchronise up to 10 compatible speakers for an all-encompassing and engaging party chain speaker experience.

For those who see themselves as a bit of a DJ and the heart of the party, V90DW has all the party features you need. By connecting via the Sony Music Center and Fiestable app, users can adjust the lighting, add sampler and DJ effects as well as control the basic functions of the speaker. With a wave of the hand, various options can be controlled through Gesture Control, making it easier than ever to get the party started and the beat going.

And when the party’s done, roll the V90DW neatly into place on its integrated wheels and connect to TV or projector via HDMI for massive, powerful soundtracks to the movies you love the most.

Bring the dancefloor home with new one-box units

The one-box style MHC-V81D and MHC-V41D audio systems spread loud and powerful sounds around the room, thanks to the integrated spread sound generator. In addition, MHC-V81D has Sony’s LIVE SOUND feature for high quality music output, and flashy 360ⅹ party lights that illuminate the room and create the perfect atmosphere.

The audio system has a new guitar input mode which takes guitar playing to the next level with the revolutionary capability of generating guitar overdrive sound effects. Also, a bass guitar can be plugged into the High Power home audio system to boost the bass and produce great sounds without the use of a professional bass guitar amplifier. Besides the guitar, users can feel like a DJ by editing the music with a wave of their hands using the new gesture control feature.


The new TAIKO mode allows for the use of High Power Audio one-box system like a drum. A twist can be added to different songs by tapping the touch panel and enjoying the sounds of a variety of drum samplers, and on top of that, friends can tap to the rhythm to compete with each other to see who can get the highest score.

Fun features for fabulous friends

The MHC-V81D and MHC-V41D get everyone involved with unique interactivity, like posting on social media networks with the “Party King” feature. Also, with the accompanying “Fiestable” app, people can easily control their home audio systems’ different features using an intuitive user-friendly app.

Connect sound as well as friends with the Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth feature which can now connect up to 50 compatible systems. Multi smartphones can also be connected to the speaker at the same time to allow different guests to play their favourite song easily.

All three high power systems are available now in South Africa at leading retailers including Game, DionWired, Incredible Connection, Bradlows and Russells

The MHC-V90DW has a RRP R16,999

The MHC-V81D has a RRP of R12,999

The MHC-V41D has a RRP of R5,499