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There are around one million domestic workers currently employed in the country according to Stats SA. A recent report released by digital-booking cleaning service, SweepSouth, further reveals that 79 percent of domestic workers are the sole breadwinner of their household and typically support four people on an income between R2,001 and R3,000 a month with no additional support from government.

“If a domestic worker has a medical emergency, becomes disabled or dies, this can have severe and far-reaching financial implications for the family due to lack of significant savings and adequate insurance cover,” explains Clayton Hayward, co-founder, uKheshe, South Africa’s cheapest and most convenient QR cash card and uKheshe Life, a hospital a hospital, disability and life benefits card.

In a survey of more than 1,300 domestic workers, only 49 percent stated they were able to save anything at the end of the month, while those who were able to do so saved less than R200 per month. “A large number of South African households and employers do not consider necessary insurance cover because of concerns over cost or complicated paperwork,” says Hayward.


Launched in May 2019, the uKheshe Life card offers domestic workers, other workers, and their employers easy to understand, affordable insurance cover. The card offers all the features of the usual uKheshe QR card, but now includes added hospital and life benefits for the card holder.

“Very often domestic workers are unbanked and are among the least protected in terms of job and financial security, particularly in the event of an accident or serious illness. This is why uKheshe Life card is ideal for consumers and employers who want to provide affordable benefits for employees,” notes Hayward.

For a little as R60 per month uKheshe Life offers get R5 000 funeral cover and a private hospital guarantee. Should an accident occur, there is R100 000 accidental and emergency as well as R100 000 death and disability benefit.

Hayward says uKheshe card enables consumers to make and receive payments by using a QR code card and a smartphone on which the app is installed and uKheshe Life card holders do not need a bank account, nor do they need to undergo medical tests or complete any paperwork. “Insurance benefits are instantly activated when a user signs up for an uKheshe Life card and is deducted automatically from the user’s uKheshe wallet.”

The uKheshe is easily available by dialling *120*82274# and following the prompts. This free number will not require airtime and if a card is required, a virtual one will be created and automatically linked to the consumer’s cellphone number. The uKheshe Life card can also be ordered via the uKheshe shop.

“Domestic workers look after children, work in the employer’s home and often become long term employees, sometimes spanning decades. uKheshe Life is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure essential cover and peace of mind for domestic workers, their families, and employers,” says Hayward.