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By 2020, close to 40% of accounting transactions could be performed by machines. The role and responsibilities of today’s CFO is evolving and to support this new vision, SAP Concur has introduced the Future CFO Forum

Packed with interesting and engaging information developed to inspire and inform tomorrow’s tech-savvy finance experts, the Future CFO Forum is an industry platform for finance professionals, developed by finance professionals. The Forum explores local African success stories and provides insights and learnings, creatively packaged with events, awards, podcasts and articles across digital and print platforms.

“Some of the most exciting and dynamic work within companies is happening right now in the tech and finance space. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Chatbots with cloud and mobile tech to enable compliant and efficient spend, are just a few examples our finance experts need to understand and adopt to fast track their roles,” commented Angelique Montalto, Regional Director for SAP Concur Africa.  

“Our CFOs need to be ready and fully equipped for tomorrow’s demands. They must build to lead, and it’s no longer enough to play the traditional finance role.  The SAP Concur Future CFO Forum is a unique and modern platform that not only provides support and guidance but also facilitates debate, open expression and a fundamental contribution from Africa’s top finance experts as they catapult into tomorrow’s changing world.”


The Future CFO Forum kicked-off with an interactive website and a series of LinkedIn podcasts showcasing some of Africa’s leading C-suite executives. The Forum’s official announcement took place at the Finance Indaba with guest speaker Lee Naik, CEO of TransUnion Africa. Speaking at the event, he demonstrated that behind every great CEO, there’s a great CFO. He added, “as the CFO’s role evolves, so are the expectations that other company leaders have for them.”

Montalto mentions that The Future CFO Forum comes at a time of progression for both companies and their business models, bolstering the bridge between finance and strategy. “As a trusted partner within the employee spend ecosystem, the SAP Concur Future CFO Forum is well positioned to anticipate, observe and participate in the evolution of Africa’s finance profession.”