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Rectron is excited to announce that following the signing of a distribution deal with H3C earlier this year, Rectron now becomes the distributor for H3C in South Africa. This is a first-time venture for H3C in South Africa opening new opportunities for Rectron within the digital space. H3C, a leader in the information technology industry, has a long history of digital transformation with a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products and solutions.

As a distributor in South Africa for H3C, Rectron provides the IT channel access to H3C’s digital infrastructure products and solutions. The deal means Rectron can place ever more focus on providing customers with H3C enterprise-grade networking solutions and services.

Today’s digital landscape is generating information from your data centre all the way to the fingertips of your staff and customers. This explosion of data has created an expectation for immediate decisions, and requires a network that can deliver performance, mobility, security, and centralised management.

With the inclusion of H3C, Rectron will be well positioned to deliver modernised networking technologies to its clients. These technology solutions will be ideal for addressing the demands of compute, storage, networking, security, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent connectivity, 5G, information security, Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing, as well as end-to-end technical services.

“With the vigorous development of the global digital economy, the demand for digital transformation in various countries is continuing to grow,” Gary Huang, President of the International Business Department and Senior Vice President of H3C, pointed out. “We believe that the global digital industry has vast development potential, and this requires the participation of more enterprises capable of innovating digital and intelligent technologies. We will give full play to our own advantages, grasp market opportunities, provide the best digital transformation value for our customers at home and abroad, and become an important driver for global intelligent transformation.”

“H3C’s strategy and focus on innovation aligns very well with Rectron’s path towards digital transformation and this deal will allow our customers to invest and support new businesses streams within South Africa,” commented Michael Finch, Rectron’s Category Lead for Enterprise Business. “I believe that Rectron is a perfect fit for H3C as they first enter the South African market. Rectron has a proven track record introducing and building new ICT brands locally, and because of our regional structure and sound go-to-market model, we are able to offer H3C’s products and solutions to both existing and new customers.”

At this unprecedented informational age, H3C will accelerate the expansion of its overseas markets. International markets will become major growth points for H3C’s future business. In the next three to five years, H3C will continue to optimise the layout of its global channel system, actively enhance its participation in international markets and facilitate the digital transformation of more overseas customers from top-level design to technology implementation through its industry-leading end-to-end integrated solutions.

Why South Africa, and why now?

We at Rectron strongly believe that Africa, and South Africa in particular, are poised for a technological resurgence. If deployed correctly, technologies like 5G and cloud computing, among others, could radically change the way business is conducted, and life is lived, across the entire African continent.

In fact, according to a recent GSMA trade association survey report looking at 5G in Sub-Saharan Africa, the 2020s will see increases in 5G activities across the region during the 2020s, with South Africa at the forefront as the most advanced market in the region. Because of this it is vital that we are able to provide market-leading solutions in the spaces to our customers, and the deal with H3C will help us do that.