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Sony’s Linkbuds pack in some impressive sound power from a compact earphones package (around 4.1 g x 2), all while being waterproof (IPX4) and therefore – gym, running and hiking approved. To ensure a snug fit, even while working out, Sony includes 5 sizes of arc support in the retail box to suit different ear shapes.

The earphones come in an equally compact and portable carrying case (About 41.4 x 48.5 x 30.9 mm; 34 g), that also provides a top up power boost that increases their battery life from 5 and a half hours of continuous music playback to more than 17 hours. You charge the case using a USB-C cable.

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In terms of sound quality and volume, the Linkbuds offer really good overall sound, but like a diesel engine delivers great midrange punch, these really do excel in the mid-range. For music (and hands-free calls), this translates to singer voices and vocals really being crips, but if you prefer other forms of audio entertainment including YouTube videos, Netflix/Disney+ series, audiobooks, or podcasts/vodcasts, the same excellent vocal and sound quality still applies.

Where we can knock it though is that other wireless earphones such as the Beats Powerbeats Pro can deliver more impressive bass, while the unique design element enabling sound to creep in from your surroundings so you can hear approaching cars etc., also works the other way, meaning other Gautrain commuters will hear your strange taste in music when you crank up the volume to 11.

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Additional features includes the likes of Swift Pair for quick pairing on a Windows device such as our HP ProBook work laptop and Google’s Fast Pair for Android devices like our OPPO Reno 7 5G. Works as advertised in both instances. You can also employ your favourite personal digital assistant with the earphones if you use either Google Assistant or Alex, and quick access to your Spotify music and podcast library through Spotify Tap.

All in all, the Linkbuds offer a fantastic mix of features, are impressively portable while offering a mighty sound performance for said size, and good battery life for its equally mighty pricetag. You can make these impressive earphones yours by grabbing them at local retailers such as Incredible Connection, at a recommended retail price of R3999 (though some retailers has listed it at R3499). Well worth the investment in our opinion.