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Logitech’s MK295 Silent Wireless Combo is one of our favourite new tech items and is a durable and comfortable keyboard as well as mouse that feature new proprietary SilentTouch technology that removes 90% of typing and clicking noise from conventional keyboards.

It really works a treat and is perfect for that media consumption scenario where your significant other is sleeping next to you in bed: You are watching a series or movie on Netflix, Showmax, or Amazon Prime Video with headphones on and controlling said media via this silent but efficient duo on your laptop connected via HDMI to your Smart 4K TV in our case. It works equally as well if you are a loud typer or loud-when-angry typer, especially within the office or remote workplace environment.

Beyond that main trick, this keyboard and mouse also offer fantastic battery life, even though they are constantly connected to your laptop/desktop/smart mobile device over Bluetooth (up to 10 m operating distance).

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According to Logitech, you can expect up to 36 months from the keyboard (18 x 441 x 149 mm; 498 g – with batteries) and 18 months from the mouse (39 x 60 x 99 mm; 75.2 g – with battery) in terms of battery life, when used with their on/off switches of course, which equates to months without the hassle of changing batteries. Powering the mouse is a single AA battery while the keyboard (like your TV remote) takes just two AAA batteries.

Those of you with small kids will also appreciate the fact that the keyboard packs a spill-proof design that allows for a maximum of 60 ml of liquid spillage, though luckily we never had to test that scenario during our two-week review period. The keys are also quite durable, and the keyboard boasts sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height add an extra layer of utility and comfort.

Best of all is that all of this functionality and silent, wireless typing comes at a reasonable RRP of R799 (though we’ve seen it be on special for under R600 at select outlets).