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Payments company Yoco recently introduced its latest card machine yet in the form of the Yoco Khumo (means wealth, riches or abundance in Tswana), a sleek and compact smart card machine that looks very much like a modern smartphone.

This completely standalone device offers merchants the fastest connectivity speed ever on a Yoco card machine (4G) and comes with something that regular consumers really crave – unlimited data. It enables Yoco customers (vendors and merchants) to purchase an affordable, smart card machine for R699 and thereby gain the capability to accept Tap, Chip & Pin, Swipe, and digital mobile payments (Apple Pay) in less than 3 seconds. Additionally, Yoco created a new version of the Yoco App, allowing users to do everything from within the same card machine – ranging from payments to viewing transactions, using the devices full HD touchscreen.

See it in action

Thanks to two built-in SIM cards, a reliable connection is guaranteed, no matter where merchants are in South Africa. The card machine also allows merchants to connect to a Wi-Fi network if that works better for their business. In addition, the power-efficient machine will be able to provide merchants with enough battery life for a full business days’ worth of transactions (can also keep in plugged in to a wall socket when the battery is low).

All in all, the Yoco Khumo makes affordable payments more accessible to merchants, thanks to its smartphone-esque design, approachable pricetag (though transactional costs also apply), and plenty of features for the price.