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  • What do you really love about your job and working at BlueSky?

The first thing that comes to mind is passion. From my first day at BlueSky, I felt a sense of pride and passion from each individual I met. Despite having spent most of my time working from home as a result of Covid19, the BlueSky culture and team sprint is something extremely rare in today’s world.

This leads to a positive working relationship with our clients which enables us to execute deliverables quickly.

  • The IT sector is still a male-dominated one. What do you think is the reason for this?

I do think this is the case, but it’s not something that has ever stood in my way or something that has had an impact on my ability to achieve the goals.

I believe that in the past the IT sector hasn’t been the most inviting environment to a woman, it has had more of a ‘nerdy’ ‘closed off’ type of stigma attached to it. Although I see this all changing as this industry becomes more disruptive and exhilarating – with companies such as Salesforce and Google injecting that exciting energy into the industry, I believe more women will actually want to step through the IT doors. And once they arrive, there will be no stopping them from walking their way straight to the top!

  • Why do you think gender balance is crucial for companies, and specifically tech organisations?

Women and men think differently, and often times we complement each other’s thinking, in my opinion. This benefits a company in many ways but mostly it creates a more balanced dynamic in the workplace. Women tend to generally have more responsibilities that we have to juggle outside of the workplace which definitely adds to our drive to get things done in a quicker timeframe. Being able to prioritise what’s most important is crucial in maintaining a work-life balance – all of which is very refreshing to the IT Sector.

  • Are there any women working in the tech space who you admire and why?

I believe that it is extremely important to surround yourself with female friends who build you up, who celebrate your achievements, encourage and directly contribute to your success.

To single out a particular female, I’d have to say Megan Nicholas, is a female in the tech space that I admire. An attribute that stands out the most for me about Megan is her ability to formulate a strategic direction and make sure her vision is heard and realised, no matter what!

  • Why would you encourage women to consider roles in the tech space?

Rapid transformation currently experienced within the technology/ IT space and the impact it has on how humans are evolving – is an opportunity no woman should miss out on. We now have a powerful opportunity to influence the way we engage with each other, how we work, the way we interact with nature, how we socialise, shop, travel, learn – IT is impacting every aspect of your lives.

The world has become our oyster as a result of the way technology has progressed and being a woman who has the ability to contribute to such an exciting environment has always been something I’m passionate about – and I hope many other women start to feel the same.

  • What three tips would you offer another woman who wants to work in the tech industry?
  • Be inquisitive – explore everything.
  • Use the male domination as your fire, not your enemy
  • Make the opportunity, don’t wait for it