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Q and A with Brett Elliott, CEO of Broadsheets SA

What is the mission of Broadsheets SA?

To create an “easy to use” online platform for all South Africans looking for sales and savings.

How does your apps enable your business to turn that mission into reality?

It provides 21 million smart mobile users with the ability to search versus using printed newspapers, which have a reach of around six million.

Budgeting and saving is vitally important in today’s challenging economy. How does the app enable users to save and cut their monthly spending?

The app allows users to search through majority of South Africans major retailers weekly specials, all in one place and at the same time. This enables users to gather savings on the run.

How does the app enable SMEs and consumers to establish better business relationships with South African retailers?

It presents an economical option for SME’s, which has never been available in South Africa before. Where SME’s have never been able to advertise, they now can. This helps creates a much larger audience for them to interaction with.

Download the app for Android or iOS.

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