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Over the last few weeks, the media has been rife with stories and comments about changes within the Telco industry, specifically around mobile and fixed broadband services. With businesses switching off entire networks or announcing that certain services will cease, every time you log onto any industry news site or search engine, there’s a new product or discounted price announcement waiting to pounce on the first unsuspecting victim who clicks through.

“Regardless of what type of bundle you choose, the quality of the network will determine how you access anything in an online environment,” says Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic – winners of the Q1 2019 speed test. Sounds logical but with the amount of ‘deals’ doing the rounds, consumers need to be made aware that although you may be paying a nominal fee for a 10, 50 or 150GB line, if you’re running this from an overloaded or third party network, chances of increased blood pressure levels due to buffering or the infamous throbber icon (yes, that little circle that spins while you’re waiting for a page to upload is called a throbber), are quite high.

Calvin suggests that before diving into the starry-eyed world of a good deal, make sure to check the following:

· Can the ISP or service provider give you the results of a current speed test or find out what the return policy is so you can check yourself

· What router are you using and is it optimally compatible with the ISP sim or connection?

· Have you set up your connected devices to operate synchronously and asynchronously so you can ensure you’re optimising the package you’re considering?

· Identify your browsing preferences and the ideal bandwidth to deliver an uninterrupted experience.

“The most important thing to remember in this saturated ISP space is that you can’t expect champagne if you’re paying for watered down grape juice so ask the right questions and research your broadband needs before jumping into the abyss of discounted product offerings.” says Calvin. “Also, make sure you’re selecting an ISP with a strong after sales and technical support track record that works for you,” he concludes.