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SEACOM has announced it is aware of the outage on the West coast undersea cable, WACs, that is currently affecting numerous South African ISPs. While repairs on the WACs undersea cable systems are being planned, many ISPs will need to re-route their traffic via alternative paths, such as SEACOM’s East coast undersea cable or other routes. As a result of the WACs cable system issues, customers may experience increased latency as alternative routes are implemented.

SEACOM is aware that due to issues on the WACs cable system on Africa’s West coast, many African ISPs and their customers could be experiencing unstable or slower speeds when using the Internet. SEACOM’s network platform is also affected by the WACs issues, but as the SEACOM cable system on Africa’s East coast is continuing to work normally, SEACOM endeavours to provide ISPs that rely heavily on WACs with diverse capacity on the SEACOM cable system.