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SqwidNet, a leader in the provision of low-cost access to the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and innovations in South Africa, has partnered with PoolSense to create a ground-breaking solution to managing water and chemical qualities in commercial and private swimming pools. PoolSense takes the complexity and frustration out of pool care through the innovative blend of IoT, mobile technology and rugged design, ensuring that the device is long-lasting regardless of weather and conditions. SqwidNet brings its extensive expertise in the IoT market alongside its relationship with Sigfox, a global communications service provider for IoT, to drive the connectivity and long-range capabilities of the PoolSense device.

It may seem that a collaboration between two of the market leaders in IoT and innovation is an unusual choice for a device that monitors pool water quality, but when looked at in terms of the size of the market, it makes perfect sense. With more than 10 million residential and 309, 000 public swimming pools in the United States and nearly a million residential pools in South Africa alone, the market for a clean and safe swimming pool is significant.  PoolSense collaborated with SqwidNet to harness the capabilities of Sigfox and IoT to create a solution that’s capable of intelligently monitoring water quality 24/7. It analyses the data and sends notifications via a smartphone app and provides intelligent alerts that let the user know when to take action.

“The industry has been looking for the next big thing in pool care and it has finally arrived,” says Phathizwe Malinga, CEO SqwidNet. “PoolSense is about to revolutionise how owners in both the public and private sector take care of their swimming pools. Instead of users taking samples of water to stand in queues for analysis and purchasing costly chemicals they can’t even pronounce, now they use their app to manage and monitor water quality consistently.”

PoolSense has an embedded long range, low power IoT system that’s powered by an exceptional two-year battery life. It can be used in remote locations around the world and it is rugged enough to withstand challenging conditions. Users simply download the app, swipe a magnet to link the device, and gain actionable insights all year round. The inventive use of IoT and emergent technology to create a low-cost, accessible and long-lasting solution is a testament to what South African manufacturers can achieve.

“I believe that this product has incredible potential, not just in the South African market, but internationally,” says Malinga. “Working with PoolSense has allowed us to leverage our IoT capabilities and our relationship with Sigfox to create a truly remarkable product that improves quality of life. It has also been an excellent opportunity to showcase the potential of South African manufacturing and the innovative use of IoT technology.”

Sigfox is a connectivity provider dedicated to IoT with licenses in more than 60 countries around the world. SqwidNet is the South African Sigfox operator, and the company has worked closely with PoolSense, alongside many other companies, to leverage this relationship and the potential of IoT.

“We have established over 1000 listening posts across the country to ensure that we have nation-wide coverage,” concludes Malinga. “Another advantage to implementing Sigfox in the PoolSense device means that it can be used in any one of the 60 licensed countries without having to adapt the design or technology. It is ubiquitous, globally.”