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MiBlackBox, a personal safety and virtual witness app that allows users to automatically send audio messages along with their location to their emergency contacts, capture picture and video evidence and track friends and family with 48 hours of history, is now available for download in the Android and iOS app stores.

MiBlackBox enables location tracking with 48 hours of location history, including details of the cellphone battery levels of the person being tracked and the speed they were driving. This gives families peace of mind, especially over busy periods like December as South Africans travel to their holiday destinations on congested and often dangerous roads. MiBlackBox is currently the only app on the market that offers users tracking with 48-hour history. 

“In a country where more than two million crimes were recorded in 2019, it’s also become increasingly important that those in an emergency are able to contact someone they trust. MiBlackBox offers reassurance that victims are not alone if they’re caught in a dangerous situation,” says Brent Thomson, Managing Director of MiBlackBox.

In cases where users feel threatened and / or unsafe, they can push the app’s panic button, which triggers an automated and discreet call to MiBlackBox which then initiates a voice recording on secure servers. The user’s location and audio message will be sent out to all nominated emergency contacts, notifying them that the sender is in danger and needs help.

The recipients of the emergency message can choose to phone the sender, track their location from within the app or notify emergency services of the incident. The ability to share emergency audio and even video messages with location is another feature that is unique to the MiBlackBox app.

MiBlackBox is also a reliable witness for accidents or even roadblocks as photos and video evidence can be captured and automatically uploaded to secure servers and shared with emergency contacts along with location.  If a user is being followed or feels at risk, they can press the panic button to record an audio message with details of their whereabouts and circumstances, or even a description of the suspect.


With MiBlackBox users can:

  • Use the panic button to record emergency audio messages that will automatically be sent to the users emergency contacts along with location
  • Track friends and family with tracking history available for up to 48 hours
  • Capture video and photo evidence that is automatically uploaded to secure servers and shared with emergency contacts with location.  All photos, videos and audio recordings will be saved and stored for up to three months. This data will be fully encrypted so that no unauthorised person can access it.
  • Search for and get directions to emergency services like hospitals, fire and police stations

The MiBlackBox app is available for download to all Android and iOS smartphone users from the App Store and Google Play Store for R14.99 per month or R149.99 per year. Alternatively, users can subscribe to a family package, which includes six members, for R49.99 per month, or R499.99 per year. All annual packages offer users two months of free app usage.

Visit www.miblackbox.africa for more information or visit the Android or iOS app stores to download.