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OpenRAN leader, Parallel Wireless, Inc., has won two GLOMO awards – the Global Mobile Awards showcase those companies and individuals that are driving innovation in the rapidly evolving mobile industry.

OpenRAN is rapidly gaining favor across the industry with its multi-vendor and open approach to network upgrading and resourcing.  In fact, in a recent mobile operator survey, 43% of respondents said they would consider replacing their current equipment vendors when deploying OpenRAN; a quarter of respondents named cost savings as a reason to consider multiple vendors. Analysts’ projections of the cost of deploying a 5G Macro-cell, show that pricing will fall by 50% until 2022 if it is built around an open architecture, whereas, it will only fall by 30% if built in the traditional way.

Parallel Wireless is working with ecosystem partners and the GLOMO awards recognize innovation that delivers rapid innovation across hardware and software domains:

Ø  Vodafone, a global operator, Parallel Wireless, an innovative vendor, and TIP developed and deployed virtualized, multi-technology OpenRAN solution that disaggregates hardware and software as an alternative to legacy RAN vendors. It makes deployments cloud-native, easy and affordable to install, maintain and to upgrade to any future technology resulting in significant OPEX. It’s deployed in Turkey, DRC and now will be rolled out across Europe.

·         The OpenRAN Controller and Network Software Suite as best network software breakthrough

Ø  The Parallel Wireless OpenRAN controller and network software suite enables OpenRAN through the complete decoupling of hardware and software functionality. This functional separation enables the software suite to support any protocol split between DUs and CUs based on available backhaul/fronthaul options for 2G 3G 4G and 5G. Different 2G 3G 4G 5G RAN functionalities consolidated on the platform, reducing complexity and making overall network maintenance simpler, less resource-intensive and more cost-effective. Running on any COTS x86-64 servers with minimum hardware dependencies, our world’s first OpenRAN Controller software suite helps manage multi-vendor multi-G networks delivering lowest TCO to mobile operators globally.

2020 will be a prime opportunity to outline how this can be replicated on a global level to hasten operators roll-out of OpenRAN and 5G.

To further illustrate the capabilities and benefits of OpenRAN, Parallel Wireless will be hosting a series of live webinars that will also be available on demand:

·         ALL G OpenRAN: learn how you showcase to reduce deployment cost of 2G/3G/4G by unifying and disaggregating hardware and software

·         Capacity Solutions – learn how to deliver scalable capacity at lower cost with self-optimizing and self-configuring OpenRAN

·         Coverage Solutions — deploy coverage in low- or high-density areas on accelerated timeline & at lower cost with Parallel Wireless ALL G unified self-configuring and self-optimizing x-86-based OpenRAN. 

·         5G OpenRAN — discover how our innovative cloud-native 4G/5G solutions meet 5G economics & unleash the full potential of 5G

·         5G Use Cases – learn how you can enable any 5G migration option, upgrade to future 3GPP releases with a simple software upgrade while supporting all of the 5G use cases: EMBB, URLLC to mMTC by delivering 5G-like features, today

·         5G Revenue Opportunities — bring 5G capabilities: low latency, network slicing, RAN and Core sharing to provide differentiated services to your end users/verticals resulting in new revenue opportunities and faster return on the investment

Parallel Wireless CEO Steve Papa said: “One of the key topics of conversation in 2020 will be how, with the continued roll-out of 5G, the economics of the mobile industry have to change.

Years of consolidation have left the telecoms industry with just a couple of Radio Access Network (RAN) technology vendor giants. The telecom industry is demanding networks that are open and flexible in order to reduce deployment and maintenance cost. We are pleased to be working with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Vodafone to enable an open ecosystem of disaggregated RAN solutions using vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology based on open interfaces and community-developed standards.”