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Openserve has announced the launch of a self-service app that enables customers to manage their broadband network connection and internet service at a push of a button.

The Openserve Connect App puts self-service capabilities in the hands of the customer, allowing potential and existing customers to engage with Openserve directly in order to get their homes connected to the Openserve Broadband network. A platform that puts the customer’s connected home as a priority.

Pushkar Gokhale, Chief Digital and Strategy Officer at Openserve says: “Openserve truly understands the unprecedented demand for internet connectivity brought on by working from home and educational needs. The reality is, that a connected home is where all the right connections happen. Having access to information enables customers to be in control of their unique connectivity needs and of their experience. “

Self-service capabilities in the hands of consumers

The app is set to improve Openserve’s ability to provide support and related information, and offers the following self-service functionalities:

  • Check coverage
  • Explore Openserve broadband network services
  • Find ISP details to upgrade to fibre where available
  • Check bulk network outages
  • Test your network line
  • Learn about our broadband network
  • Frequently Asked Questions

“As the leader in Open Access broadband connectivity in South Africa, we are committed to finding new and innovative ways of enabling the flow of information. We will continue to work closely with our ISP partners to ensure that together we enable a world-class connected experience for the customer at their home,” says Gokhale.

The Openserve Connect App is available on iOS / Android / AppGallery and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.