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Are you making the most of and getting maximum benefit from your HUAWEI smart phone? If you have not registered for a HUAWEI ID yet, then the answer is a definitive, No!

HUAWEI ID is your ticket to a world of connectedness, convenience and functionality. It allows you to access all of Huawei’s exclusive HMS Apps, leading to a personalised experience. Having a HUAWEI ID allows you to customise all your HUAWEI devices in any way you like, anytime, anywhere. These HMS Apps include Music (featuring the hottest artists and playlists), Video (both local and international content), Themes (static and dynamic themes and wallpapers, fonts, and lock screens), and AppGallery (from finance and gaming to entertainment, food, shopping and many more).

Secure data storage and special offers

By registering for a HUAWEI ID, you will also gain access to 5GB of free cloud storage space with HUAWEI MOBILE CLOUD. Use this to securely backup your valuable data, including your pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and notes. This platform can be accessed quickly and easily from any HUAWEI device that you sync it to.   

Having a HUAWEI ID also qualifies you for monthly competitions and/or special discounts/offers from Huawei. Not having a HUAWEI ID means you will not stand a chance to win some of the amazing prizes on offer, and you cannot take advantage of the savings which frequently appear from Huawei.

Protect your personal data and privacy

HUAWEI ID is also the ultimate protection of your personal data from attempted breaches and fraud. When account protection is turned on, Huawei will track your account activities and alert you of any suspicious behaviour. When your account is logged into from an unrecognised browser or device, you will receive an SMS to verify that this was indeed you. If it wasn’t, then the activity is blocked.

 With all this in mind, registering for a HUAWEI ID is definitely worth it. And the process is easy and quick. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings on your HUAWEI smartphone
  2. Click “Login with HUAWEI ID”
  3. Under the HUAWEI ID; click the register tab
  4. Accept the user privacy agreement
  5. Select your country from the options
  6. Confirm the privacy notice
  7. Confirm the user permission agreement
  8. Register using either your mobile number or email address
  9. HUAWEI ID registered.