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On average 3.5 billion searches are conducted daily on Google so the only way to win with it is to be part of today’s 2.5 million results delivered in under 0.75 seconds for any given search query.  Brett Perlstein, CA (SA) and founder of SearchKings Africa talks about how to leverage Google to sharpen your marketing edge and have customers come looking for you.

Ok Google: Who Are SearchKings Africa?

SearchKings Africa, a Google Premier Partner and Online Advertising agency offers a tailored, tech centric solution for their customers. We position ourselves as your marketing growth partner for business owners, both big and small, who will benefit from leads generated through Google’s Advertising platform. 

A hyper-focused customer experience is crucial to ensure that every customer on boarded, understands what they are buying, when they can expect results, and what those results could look like.

Ok Google: Why Advertise on Google?

The advantage to advertising on Google is that it is: measurable, targeted and geographically located.

Imagine the newly qualified tax practitioner looking for customers as tax season hits. Where do you start? If your business was advertising on Google, customers would come looking for you. Everyone is going to google and searching “help me with my tax return” as SARS starts it’s annual tax season campaign. 

Search Advertising is your digital salesperson driving your marketing solution to connect your business to willing and engaged customers online in their moment of intent. Google is where everyone goes to find the answers. As a business you need to be top of mind in that crucial moment.

You don’t have to do it alone. SearchKings can help by strategically placing banner ads across the Google Display network, a network of 3 million websites and apps, that covers +/-90% of the average South African Internet user’s journey around the web. It’s your digital, targeted out of home marketing solution.

The data collected is priceless and will help you understand your business and customers better, ensuring that you make smarter business decisions that impact the bottom line.

Giving customers an in-depth understanding of where online leads come from, what time of day and on which device, changes the game. With the correct inbound sales funnels from your Paid Google marketing efforts you can now work out the return on your marketing investment.

A “hot lead” generated on Google must be handled by your most proficient salesperson. At SearchKings we pour our expertise into helping business owners better understand this to help them find the sweet spot between marketing and sales.

A business trying to succeed in today’s digital economy must be online – your website is your digital storefront and the first interaction with a potential customer. Ensuring it’s built for a mobile centric audience and keeping it user friendly for a customer to take action is key. Rather invest in the fundamentals before a flashy web experience.

Ok Google: I’ve always marketed traditionally, should I be scared of taking my budget online?

As a startup business ourselves we understand our clients challenges. The process of building a business is brutal but we believed wholly in our value proposition and today we get to help entrepreneurs and business owners plan, build and execute their digital marketing campaigns with remarkable success at scale. 

The best advice I can give anyone is to go the distance. You have to be in it to win it. Don’t be scared to move marketing spend online or of the data from these marketing efforts to better understand your business and customers.