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Nokia showcases the enormous potential of the latest technologies, including 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with interesting demonstrations at AfricaCom in Cape Town between November 12 and 14, 2019. With extreme low latency and ultra-high-speed, 5G promises to transform telecom operators as well as enterprises and the way people live and work through a wide range of innovative use cases and business models.

The Nokia 5G Future X demo presents the key capabilities of 5G through unique visualizations of network slicing. It shows how the new architecture and digital design resolves the capacity and operational challenges for the service providers. The vendor also demonstrates Future X for Industries, which supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The demo introduces use cases for connected industries, cities and employees. 

The 5G era demands modernization of the transport network. Nokia showcases the benefits of software-defined network slicing for 5G transport network evolution, which ensures superior quality network experience for different user groups. On the other hand, another demonstration showcases the Nokia Deepfield Network Services Platform, IP Routing (FP4 and SROS), and Optical PSE3 (WaveFabric and WaveSuite) to deliver seamless, end-to-end network service experiences across and among the wide-area and cloud networks. The company also showcases how AirScale Cloud RAN solution for 4G and 5G enables extreme low latency use cases by the introduction of processing closer to the radio site to handle the tighter latency requirements.

Nokia also showcases the benefit of digitalizing the operations by using Private LTE (pLTE) for several verticals, including airports and mining, among others. This also includes a demonstration of several Augmented Reality (AR) use cases. The `5G Site Solution’ demo highlights how Nokia’s solution can be used to drive flexibility, enhance simplification, and use automation and intelligence to improve performance. 

Further, Nokia also showcases how mobile operators can combine fixed 5G access and full mesh in-home WiFi to provide a comprehensive solution package for consumer full-home service. This demo combines ultra-fast, low latency 5G connectivity to the home with an intelligent, managed WiFi mesh. 

The enhanced gaming experience is one of the most significant use cases of 5G. The end-to-end cloud gaming use case showcases how service providers can successfully collaborate with gaming industry partners to provide compelling offers by using 5G capabilities. In the same segment, a demo presents how Nokia’s AI-driven and automated Customer Experience Index (CEI) and customer analytics assets provide a real-time 360-degree view of the operations in mobile and fixed networks. 

A key issue faced by service providers is the monetization of 5G infrastructure. The monetization module showcases how service providers can flexibly sell and promote 5G enabled use cases through B2C and B2B business models with Nokia’s solution.

Besides, a demonstration presents how an immersive decision support system interface can help drive Intelligent Service Operations behaviour. On the other hand, the 5G cloud-native core demo presents use cases that are applicable to connected industries, public services, gaming, and massive Internet of Things (IoT). 

 Globalstar and Nokia have developed an innovative solution, which allows enterprises to deploy intelligent network applications in a dedicated spectrum band. It is based on Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless Digital Automation Cloud platform together with the 3GPP Band 53 spectrum owned by Globalstar. Nokia Digital Automation Cloud is ideal for the business-critical communication requirements of factories, logistic hubs, and other enterprise verticals along with public safety organizations thanks to its high capacity and scalability, proven security, business critical wireless attributes and its ability to be sliced for different types of traffic. Equally suited to small and large deployments and tailored to both local and international needs through its globe spanning cloud. The solution will be showcased at the Globalstar stand at AfricaCom.

With its 48 5G commercial contracts already announced and 15 live 5G networks with leading operators globally, including in the Middle East and Africa market, Nokia is a leader in the development and deployment of 5G technology across the world. The company is committed to supporting the service providers and enterprises in Africa to transform themselves digitally, so they can leverage the new technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. As an end-to-end network supplier, Nokia is uniquely positioned to address all its clients’ network, services, and software needs while helping them transition from 3G to 4G and 5G in the future.