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For holiday travelling, camping, garden clean-ups, furniture moving or running a side-hustle business, investing in a trailer can be a very smart decision.

An even smarter decision is to buy one second-hand because, as Estelle Nagel of Gumtree SA points out, trailers are easy to inspect: “They don’t have too many moving parts or complicated mechanics, so, a road test, a check of the lights, and a close inspection of both tyres and undercarriage should give you all you need to know about the condition of a previously-owned trailer. And they’re functional work horses, so there’s no need for them to look like new.”

Estelle points out that trailers can easily be turned into income earners: “rubbish clearance and furniture removal are two very popular ways to make money”.

But Nagel also provides three cautionary notes before purchasing a trailer.

  1. Make certain that you have somewhere you can safely and securely park the trailer without it becoming a major inconvenience for you or a road obstacle for others.
  2. Ensure the trailer has the relevant documentation and registration.
  3. Be very clear about the purpose of the trailer. If you’re planning on using it long-haul in any way, or to carry items which need protection, then invest in some form of canopy or cover so you can lock the contents and/or keep the rain off them.

Five Best-Buy Previously-Owned Trailers On Gumtree S.A.

Custom-built Venter with rails and ramp for bikes/motorbikes – Middelburg – R17000   


Large (2.5m x 1.3m) trailer with high sides – Roodepoort – R12000


Compact Kupa Mission 5 – R8000 – Pretoria North


Flatbed trailer – Durbanville – R16,900

Bush Pig 4 x 4 camping trailer fully equipped – R37,000 – Plumstead