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Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis that grows in magnitude each day, particularly in South Africa because of high levels of unemployment. Added to this is a growing trend of kidnapping owners and relatives of small businesses that deal in cash. Then there are those that are kidnapped when they are hijacked. This creates a very vulnerable environment for many with great need for extra protection.

Itumeleng Matshego is the managing director of Legratron Electronics, a company that has already expanded the uses of tracking devices exponentially. Now he has seen an opportunity to provide a level of protection more important than any using tracking technology. “We have been working on devices that can track vehicles, devices that can track your assets and even devices that can track assets that are rented out.

“Consequently, we spent a great deal of time over the last few months developing a new app that can provide the next level of protection in personal safety. We developed ‘Panik,’ an app that can be used in various ways for personal security. The first, most important, is to send an alert to pre-selected individuals should you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. This function is available free of charge to anyone who downloads the app.”

Yet, there are many more ways in which the app can be your personal protector. “The paid service uses tracking technology to provide you with 24/7 support. It gives you access to live tracking and your location is recorded at intervals that you can set yourself. It also keeps track of your device’s location history. You can set geofence locations so that should you move outside of a predefined area, an alert is sent.

“Yet, what is the good of knowing a loved one is in trouble if there is little you can do to help? The paid service comes with 24-hour response and emergency services who react to calls for help much faster than normal options, in many instances. Nothing is left to chance with the Panik app. Every possible scenario was considered in the app’s development to ensure it makes the difference between life and death.”

The response that the Legratron team has already seen to the Panik app has been an overwhelmingly positive one. “The app has great potential to change many lives. We are excited to see where the app goes and what it can still achieve,” says Matshego.

The Panik app is already available on Android in the Google Play Store and will soon be available to Apple users through iStore. Search for Legratron to find the app or visit www.panik.co.za