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Nike and digital platform Gurls Talk have come together to celebrate girls who are paving their own way in the traditionally male-dominated sport of football. Their collaboration on the documentary “Spit Fire, Dream Higher” demonstrates the value of football as a force of empowerment for young women. With football as a catalyst, these girls find happiness on the pitch and use that as fuel to change their lives, while building relationships within their communities.

Adwoa Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk and narrator of the film, presents the story through a pro-footballer’s lens while setting the tone with authentic conversations. Her counterpart, Nike athlete and PSG striker Nadia Nadim, epitomizes the fighting spirit that female footballers possess. Aboah and Nadim visit several fearless young girls in their hometowns around the world and discuss how the sport has had a positive impact on their lives. These gifted young women use football as a connecting thread through the exploration of cultural expectations and self-definition.


“On this journey, we saw girls from around the world who have fought through oppression and continue to be resilient through their love for football,” says Aboah. “The documentary truly celebrates them and the grassroots communities they are a part of.”