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Once the exclusive preserve of the wealthy, high-return global property investments are about to become accessible to everyday South Africans. This is thanks to a new property investment crowdfunding service. The announcement comes from Alex de Bruyn, CEO of DoshEx, a Johannesburg technology firm that runs blockchain-based DoshExchange, through which its DoshProp service is being offered.

“It’s time everyone had a shot at building their wealth portfolio without breaking the bank,” says de Bruyn. “DoshProp gives mid-income earners inclusive access to one of the world’s largest investment classes at an entry-level price.”

DoshProp, along with the first of many investment opportunities to come, is available as a service on DoshEx’s DoshExchange. After registering, either through the company’s mobile app or its website, interested parties can log in and start investing immediately.

Every DoshExchange user will get the chance to invest in a luxury apartment complex for only R100 per share. The Paradiso, to be constructed in the upmarket Como district of Perth in Western Australia, promises a 20% return on investment over 18 to 24 months. However, shares are limited and are expected to be snapped up when the offer is released to global traders on 1st November.

DoshEx representatives are available online and through dedicated social media channels and online support channels to explain how the fund will be administered, how to sign up to DoshEx, how to manage one’s digital portfolio, and how participants can track the progress of the project online.

Because investment is through a publicly registered South African company, Paradiso COMO Limited, the public can avoid the constraints of South African foreign trade regulations. In addition, the fund is being hosted on blockchain trading technology, which is immutable and tamper resistant.

DoshEx will be partnering with Edgars Club to bring DoshProp to a wider audience. The retail giant has recognised the potential in offering its customers this innovative approach to inclusive wealth creation. Plus, Club members will enjoy additional rewards.

Says Candy Steyn, Edgars Club Head of Operations: “We are committed to constantly refreshing our mix of benefits as lifestyle needs are constantly shifting and our mission is to reflect contemporary living. We don’t simply respond. We anticipate change and new trends. DoshEx is an example.” De Bruyn says buy-in from Edgars Club is validation of the service’s relevance to today’s consumers as a lifestyle enabler.

The system may also be a refreshing change for existing crypto traders, who make up 11% of the country’s 31.18 million internet users. “For some, cryptocurrency trading may become somewhat two-dimensional over time,” suggests de Bruyn. “DoshProp is integrated with DoshExchange and welcomes bitcoin investments, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and lock in profits.” 

Crowdfunding for capital-intensive property development is likely to gain rapid popularity as it exposes developers to a massive untapped source of financing. At the same time, it opens the door to inclusive economic participation for those who were unable to do so until now. “Through DoshProp, we’re offering both groups unlimited potential to realise their goals in a mutually beneficial way,” says de Bruyn.

Visit https://www.doshex.com/#/doshProp/howItWorks