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The recent launch of the South African App Integrator Directory, brainchild of digital accounting software firm Xero, is set to solve the complexity of choosing apps for small business owners.

The directory has now gone live in South Africa – with six partners – Realm Digital, Radical Cloud Solutions, Nimacc, Insights, Iridium Business Solutions and Creative CFO. These are all organisations with a proven track record of successfully integrating marketplace apps into Xero businesses. There are also currently over 700 apps in Xero’s App Marketplace worldwide, 21 of which are South African born apps such as Yoco, Payfast, SME Snapshot, Syft, Aurik, Simple Pay, PaySpace and Tall Order, which aim to support the evolving role of accountants as strategic advisors to small businesses.

“As small businesses become more tech-savvy, they’ll value guidance from a trusted app integrator to help identify app solutions to improve operational efficiencies, growth and cash flow”, says Colin Timmis, Xero ZA General Country Manager and Professional Accountant.

The app integrator partners in the new directory are all specialists in their respective fields with proven expertise to guide small businesses and their advisors with the selection and implementation of apps in the marketplace.

The Xero App Integrators are equally suitable for upscaling a business or digitising internal processes.

It’s common knowledge that when small businesses are using more than one app to manage their finances, they are more likely to succeed. These digital tools enable them to develop better processes, increase client engagement, monitor performance, and reach new markets.