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The family of compact cars from Mercedes-Benz continues to grow with the launch of the A-Class Sedan. A four-door sedan car that is based on the hugely popular A-Class hatchback that was first introduced in 2013, and more recently awarded Car of the Year in South Africa in 2019. The A-Class Sedan has dynamic proportions, with short overhangs at both the front and rear, however, still manages to top the segment with regards to rear headroom space.  The A-Class Sedan range is equipped with modern and efficient engines, and also incorporates high levels of safety thanks to state-of-the-art driving assistance systems taken directly from the flagship S-Class range . The new A-Class Sedan also features the new MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience multimedia system, which ushers in a new era for Mercedes me connectivity. With a Cd value of 0.22 and a frontal area of 2.19 m², the new A-Class Sedan has the lowest aerodynamic drag of all production vehicles worldwide.

“The 2019 COTY winning A-Class Hatch continues to grow from strength to strength. The A-Class Hatch, launched late in 2018 has been joined in 2019 by the new B-Class, the new CLA and now the new A-Class Sedan. This is in response to the wishes of many customers that require a compact sedan for small families” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa. “The introduction of the A-Class Sedan enables the brand an opportunity to target different audience segments“.

The A-Class established the compact car segment for Mercedes-Benz in 1997, and since then more than six million compact car models have been delivered worldwide. The A-Class Sedan appears as the seventh model in the range of compact cars from Mercedes-Benz.

The key dimensions of the new A-Class Sedan:

  • Length/width/height: 4549/1796/1446 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2729 mm
  • Boot capacity: 420 litres
  • Headroom front/rear: 1024/944 mm
  • Elbow room front/rear: 1457/1446 mm
  • Shoulder room front/rear: 1400/1372 mm
  • Effective legroom front/rear: 1062/861 mm

The A-Class Sedan offers great utility. That includes above-average shoulder, elbow and headroom plus the easy access to the rear. It is at the top of its segment with regard to rear headroom (944 mm). The boot holds 420 litres and is designed for practical usability. The boot opening is very large with a width of 950 mm and a diagonal of 462 mm between lock and lower edge of the rear window. This allows comfortable loading and unloading of larger luggage items.


Drag Coefficient world record defended: the most aerodynamic production vehicle

The new A-Class Sedan takes advantage of the favourable conditions provided by its long rear-end and minimised frontal area (2,19 m²)to undercut the drag coefficient of even the already exemplary A-Class hatchback (A-Class hatch has Cd value of 0.25). With a benchmark of Cd = 0.22 the new sedan model equals the original world record of the CLA Coupé. The new A-Class Sedan has the lowest aerodynamic drag of all production vehicles worldwide.

The good aerodynamic properties are crucial in delivering low fuel consumption figures in real-life conditions. Many details were optimised with the assistance of numerous computation loops, CAE simulations (computer-aided engineering) and measurements in the wind tunnel in Sindelfingen. The measures include an extensive sealing concept (with sealing of the headlamp surroundings) as well as the nearly complete panelling of the underbody, which comprises the engine bay, the main floorpan, parts of the rear axle, the diffuser and other components. The front and rear wheel spoilers were optimised specifically to route the air around the wheels as efficiently as possible. The rims and tyres also underwent aerodynamic fine-tuning. Depending on the market, an optional two-part shutter system behind the radiator grille is available, which minimises the airflow through the engine bay.

Design: superior sportiness and modernity

The designers at Mercedes-Benz are reconciling tradition and modernity in designing the cars for the future. Their work centres on “Sensual Purity” as an expression of modern luxury. The new design idiom featuring reduced edges and creases – indentations and recesses in the sheet metal – aims to create clear forms and sensual surfaces which showcase high tech while also arousing emotions.With its puristic design emphasising surfaces, the A-Class Sedan is a seamless fit with the design idiom of Sensual Purity. A long, low hood, pronounced shoulders, bold contours and assertive stance bring sheer excitement to the segment.

Thanks to a range of wheels (17” to 19-inch wheels available), pronounced wheel arches, and slimline headlamps, the A-Class Sedan has a very sporty stance on the road.

The two-part tail lamps underscore the clear rear-end that emphasises width. Depending on the selected equipment, this rear bumper is available with a black diffuser or with chrome trim strip and chrome tailpipe tips.

Individualisation both on the outside and in the inside leaves nothing to be desired with the Progressive and AMG Line. Additional options such as the Night package or the Leather package with exclusive colour combinations make the vehicle even more attractive.


Interior design: revolution from within

No less exciting is the car’s interior, inviting you in with an impressive amount of space and a stunning modern design. The centerpiece is a dashboard that dispenses with the traditional cowl to deliver a continuous surface from driver to passenger windows while the media display floats freely above. The air vents in a sporty turbine look are another highlight.

The ambient lighting enhances this effect, accentuating the free-floating impression of the substructure. The 64 colours of the optional ambient lighting make five times as many colours available than before.

The fully free-standing cockpit is available in two versions:

  • Standard with two 7-inch displays (17.78 cm),
  • Or Optional with two 10.25-inch displays (26.04 cm)

MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience: unrivalled experience

The new sedan also makes room for an impressive display of technology. It revolutionizes the relationship between car and driver thanks to the Mercedes-Benz User Experience system (MBUX), which ushers in a new era for Mercedes me connectivity at the same time.  One can access the multimedia system in a variety of ways: Touchpad, Touchscreen, Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel — or even through Voice Control using every day, conversational language, which is activated with the keyword “Hey Mercedes”. All the while, artificial intelligence learns about driving habits and preferences over time, ensuring that the A-Class Sedan more and more suits your style every time you take the wheel.

Intelligent Drive: functions from the S-Class

The A-Class has the very latest driving assistance systems with cooperative driver support, and thus provides the highest level of active safety in this segment with functions adopted from the S‑Class. For the first time, the A-Class is able to drive semi-autonomously in certain situations. To do this, it keeps a close eye on the traffic situation: improved camera and radar systems allow it to see up to 500 metres ahead. The A-Class also uses map and navigation data for assistance functions. For example, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC as part of the Driving Assistance Package is able to provide route-based support to the driver in numerous situations, and to predictively and conveniently adjust the speed, e.g. when approaching bends, junctions or roundabouts.

The new A-Class comes with expanded Active Brake Assist as standard. Depending on the situation, it can effectively help to mitigate the consequences of rear-end collisions with slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles ahead, and even with crossing pedestrians and cyclists, or prevent them altogether.

Active Lane Keeping Assist is able to warn the driver by means of pulsed vibrations in the steering wheel when the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of its lane at speeds between 60 and 200 km/h. If the vehicle passes over a solid line, it can pull the vehicle back into lane by applying the brakes on one side. In the case of a dotted line, such intervention takes place only when there is a danger of collision with a vehicle in the adjacent lane (including danger from oncoming traffic).

PRE-SAFE® PLUS can recognise an imminent rear-end collision. If the danger of a collision persists, the system can also firmly apply the brakes of the stationary vehicle, thus minimising the risk of injuries by reducing the forward jolt caused by an impact from the rear.

Passive safety: highly stable passenger compartment and modern restraint systems

The new A-Class is also the first Mercedes-Benz model to have been developed at the new Technology Centre for Vehicle Safety. The design of the vehicle structures incorporates findings from research into real accidents. Every single body shell component was developed according to the loads and stresses encountered, with respect to geometry, material thickness, joining technology and material quality (increased proportion of high-strength and ultra-high-strength sheet steel).

The centrepiece of the body’s safety concept is the highly rigid passenger compartment. Its impressive rigidity when subjected to accident-induced stress e.g. in frontal, lateral or rear-end collisions and rollovers, is above all due to the greater use of high-strength, ultra-high-strength and press-hardened sheet steel.

Driver and front passenger each have a three-point seat belt with belt force limiter and belt tensioner. In conjunction with the PRE-SAFE system (optional equipment), the front seats are equipped with reversible belt reel tensioners. Both of the outer rear seats are fitted with a seat belt with reel tensioner and belt force limiter. The new A-Class is equipped with driver and front passenger airbags, a driver’s knee airbag and window airbags as standard. Unlike in many competing models, the window airbag also covers the A-pillar for more complete passenger protection. Thorax-pelvis side airbags are likewise standard in the front, and available as optional equipment for the rear.

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps: optimum visibility in all conditions

The optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are another example of the technology transfer from the luxury to the compact class. They allow extremely quick and precise, electronically controlled adjustment of the headlamps to suit the current traffic situation. Each headlamp features 18 individually actuated LEDs. The daylight-like light colour of the LEDs is easy on the eyes and has a positive effect on concentration. The road ahead is precisely and brightly illuminated. LED High Performance headlamps are a further option. As standard, the new A-Class is equipped with halogen headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lamps.


The A‑Class Sedan is available in two variants – the A 200 and the A 250 Sport, with the diesel model expected in South Africa in 2020. Both models benefit from new engines. The A 200 with the M282 engine is powered by a 1.33 litre unit, which generates 120 kW and 250 Nm of torque with a 7G‑DCT dual-clutch transmission. The M260 2.0 litre engine of the A 250 Sport generates 165 kW and 350 Nm, and is available with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission. New features for both engines include CAMTRONIC for the intake camshaft, and particulate filter as standard.

The modern diesel and petrol engines also set standards in terms of performance, efficiency and emission control. SCR catalytic converters or petrol particulate filters are part of standard equipment. The model-specific cylinder shut-off is a further expression of the high technological standards.

Suspension: agile and comfortable

There is a choice of suspension systems for the A-Class, depending on engine variant and driver preference.

The suspension with adjustable damping offers this exciting spectrum. The DYNAMIC SELECT rocker in the centre console selects the program and characteristics: “Eco”, “Comfort” or “Sport”. As though you had two suspensions in one car, refined sportiness.

The AMG suspension is systematically tuned for high cornering speeds with a low tendency to roll. As a result the dynamic potential of your vehicle can take full effect. For you this means more driving pleasure.

The comfort suspension offers you a dynamic overall package. It brings even better road holding. The suspension has been lowered by 15 millimetres and works with specially tuned springs and dampers: it has a much sportier configuration than the standard suspension.

Technical data at a glance

  Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan 200 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan 250 Sport
Engine 1332/4 1991/4
Output (kW) 120 165
Peak torque (Nm) 250 350
Transmission Automatic Automatic
Fuel consumption – Combined (1/100km) 5.4-5.2 6.7-6.5
CO2 emissions – combined (g/km) 124-119 153-148
Retail price (ZAR)                    R533 400 R604 800