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Nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent. Yet, everyday mothers make motherhood look like a breeze. Between the recitals, sports games, sleep deprivation, office deadlines, dinner and homework moms hurdle through and when morning comes, mom does it all again with a smile.

There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her family, and this is why a day of rest and spoils is well deserved. In honour of Mother’s Day, HMD Global lifts the curtain to unveil some of moms hidden powers so you can take the load of her shoulders.

New school cool

From pouts to hashtags mom stays in the know thanks to social media. By going into her preferred social platform, she can comment, like, share and tag you in all your embarrassing baby pictures – not so cool but a trip down memory lane with a #TBT. Nokia Android smartphones offers Google Photos with ifree unlimited high-quality photo storage, so that mom always has all her favourite photos of you on-hand.

Michelin star chef

The way to any heart is with a home cooked meal and at times preparing meals that the whole family enjoys can feel like a full-time job. Thank goodness for generational recipes that just keep getting better with time and have been passed down to mom to keep safely tucked away, perfect for all seasons. Consider recipe apps from the Android play store such as BBC Good Food,  Food Network in the Kitchen or Tasty to help switch things up every now and then.

Little Miss Know It All

From homework, concert costumes, the famous “where do babies come from”? and everything in between, one can only wonder how she knows so much. Moms crystal ball actually lies in her pocket. Her Nokia smartphone offers quick answers at the touch of a button. Devices such as the Nokia 7.1 allow for innovative features such as Google Assist which can help to ensure that no question goes unanswered.

Rain, rain go away

Ever notice how even on the sunniest day’s mom will remind you to pack a jacket as you run out of the house only for it to start pouring hours later. Truth is with the help of AccuWeather mom can see into the future with everything from extended forecasts to live radar. The most unique feature is called “MinuteCast,” which shows precipitation on a minute-by-minute basis. You’ll know exactly how long until the rain starts.

Being a mom isn’t just about playing with your kids or watching them attentively all the time, but they too need a little assistance and the range of Nokia smartphones are capable of doing almost any task, helping mom to stay on top of things.