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Microsoft and LinkedIn announced new research and product innovations to help organisations adapt to hybrid work. Microsoft also shared more details on timing for the reopening of its headquarters.

The new research digs deeper into two converging trends: The Hybrid Paradox and The Great Reshuffle which are driving a once-in-a-generation shift to the way we work.

New research

  • Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index featuring survey data from 180,000 Microsoft employees in over 100 countries regarding hybrid work.
    • Inclusion at Microsoft is at an all-time high (90%).
    • 58% of employees who plan to spend the most and least time in the office plan to do so for the same reason: focused work.
    • Managers plan to spend a higher share of their time in-office than non-managerial employees (45% vs. 39%).
  • LinkedIn surveyed more than 500 C-level executives in the U.S. and U.K. on how they’re thinking about work today and in the future.
    • 81% of leaders have already or are planning to offer employees greater flexibility, reflecting what employees want: 87% prefer to stay remote at least half of the time.
    • 58% of leaders feel greater flexibility is good for people and the business.
    • 72% of executives believe that training is essential for people to build the skills needed to work effectively in the new hybrid and flexible work environments. 
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Product updates

Based on our ongoing research and what we’re hearing from customers, we’re releasing new product updates across Microsoft Teams, Viva and LinkedIn:

  • Updates to Microsoft Teams solve for common hybrid pain points and help make hybrid meetings more inclusive and engaging.
  • New meeting RSVP and Working Hours features in Outlook make it easier to schedule hybrid meetings and coordinate flexible work hours.
  • The Viva Connections app in Teams, now in public preview, creates a central place for employees to connect and complete tasks without breaking the flow of work in Teams.
  • New search filters on LinkedIn make it easier to search for remote, hybrid and onsite roles.
  • Nearly 40 unlocked LinkedIn Learning courses make skilling for remote and hybrid jobs easier. LinkedIn is also launching its new skill-building platform, LinkedIn Learning Hub, to help employers identify and promote personalised content for their employees. Learn more.

For more on hybrid work, check out the new Microsoft Podcast from WorkLab – the first episode with Microsoft’s Chief Scientist launched this week.